Want to own a piece of Stargate Command History

It’s official you can now own a piece of the Stargate Command, after hosting the entire Stargate franchise for the past 14 years the Bridge Studios in Vancouver, is to be the stage for a saddening sell-off from the three series that made countless hours of entertainment for Stargate fans around the world. The auction … Read more

Stargate Universe Could Return As A Tv Movie

Stargate Extinction the first Stargate Atlantis movie is still very much residing in limbo, but apparently according to news sources Stargate Universe may stand a better chance of steeping into the movie frontier. Stargate Universes cancellation came at the end of last year due to continuously declining ratings in a new timeslot; however producer Joseph … Read more

Stargate Universe New Fan Campaign!

‘Share the SGU love’ is one of the latest campaigns launched by the Stargate Universe fan base.   The plan is to send valentine’s day cards to the executives at MGM studios and the producers of the show at Bridge Studios.   The effect will be to hopefully show  MGM that there is a huge … Read more

Joe Flanigan And David Hewlett Lunch Auction In Los Angeles

Includes: Lunch with Joe Flanigan David Hewlett in Los Angeles in mid-November 2010. Restaurant is TBD. Based on availability. Joe Flanigan Joe Flanigan was born in Los Angeles and raised near Reno, Nevada. He grew up on a small ranch he likens to a Dr. Doolittle set, where his mother collected animals of every variety, … Read more

Stargate Universe Aliens Wont Be Your Average Pegasus & Milky Way Aliens

Stargate Universe is about to boldly go where no other Science Fiction series has gone before, including Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. In a recent interview Brad Wright has discussed the plans for Stargate Universe, its direction and the non humanoid English speaking aliens. You can read an excerpt of the interview below: The original … Read more

Richard Dean Anderson Confirms Stargate Universe Cameo Appearances

Its official the highly talented actor Richard Dean Anderson has confirmed to his official fan site that he will be making multiple cameo appearance in Stargate Universe. Richard will definitely be making an appearance in the season’s three part opener in both Air parts one and two. Anderson has recently been up at the home … Read more

Production On Universe Has Officially Started

Production has officially started on Stargate Universe with the principal photography commencing today at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. Universe is gearing up for an official fall premiere in the United States of America on the Sci Fi Channel, the plot and outline of the show are a based around a group of … Read more

Job Openings In Stargate Universe Development

With production on Stargate Universe in full swing, it looks like the team are looking for more designers to join the development of the show. The Stargate Universe Visual Effects department is currently looking for a senior level Maya or Lightwave VFX animator, to join the team at Bridge Studios in BC, Canada. Full details … Read more

Behind The Scenes On Infection

‘Infection’ saw the crew of Stargate Atlantis facing one of their most challenging disasters to date as they found themselves trapped on a diseased and disintegrating Wraith Hive. “We didn’t want to tip the hat straight away, we wanted to discover that along the course of the episode,” explains director Andy Mikita, of the ship’s … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Set Has Not Been Torn Down

There has been much rumour and speculation during the past 7 days or so regarding the future of Stargate Atlantis, although the show has been cancelled at the end of its 5th season there is going to be at least one Atlantis Movie. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has help to quash the recent rumours that … Read more