Stargate Atlantis Set Has Not Been Torn Down

There has been much rumour and speculation during the past 7 days or so regarding the future of Stargate Atlantis, although the show has been cancelled at the end of its 5th season there is going to be at least one Atlantis Movie.

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has help to quash the recent rumours that the Atlantis sets have been torn down and destroyed, here is the recent announcement he made in his personal blog.

One of the great things about doing this daily blog is that it affords me the opportunity to head off rumors and fan concerns before.

Today, for example, I see many a panicked reaction to a recent Vancouver Sun article that states: “Heavy machines are smashing the Stargate Atlantis TV series’ set in Bridge Studios’ 40,000-square-foot effects stage.” Well – yes, it’s true and, no, it’s not a big deal.

We’re not talking about Stage 2 (that houses the wraith hive/facilities) or stage 3 (that houses the Daedalus/Apollo) or, more importantly, stage 6 (where the Atlantis gate room, control room, infirmary, Woolsey’s office, and various corridors are located). We’re talking about the FX Stage, the location of the (well played-out) village set, cave sets, catacombs, and one of our cafeteria views. No big loss.

Hell, Stage 5 (which holds the SGC gate room, control room, briefing room, and several corridors) is still up despite the fact that SG-1 was cancelled two years ago! So, fear not. The movie will not be take place entirely on some forested planet.