Stargate Revolution Is The Working Title For The Third SG1 Movie

The working title for the third Stargate SG1 movie has officially been revealed by Joseph Mallozzi, and is to be entitled ‘Stargate Revolution’. Stargate Revolution will reunite the cast of the long-running show, including former lead Richard Anderson. Although Stargate Extinction was given the green light by MGM back in Spring 2009 for production, MGM … Read more

Stargate Extinction to Start Filming In November?

Rachel Luttrell who plays Stargate Atlantis character Teyla Emmagan has hinted in a recent interview with SciFi now that the first Stargate Atlantis movie Stargate Extinction is set to begin filming in November. Rachel is quoted as saying “There’s a rumour that it’ll start shooting in November,” said Luttrell in a telephone interview on Friday … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Movie Titled Confirmed

The previously leaked Stargate Atlantis Movie title ‘Stargate Extinction’ has officially been confirmed as the real name for the first Atlantis Movie. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi is confirmed as quoting in his recent blog entry: Today, the SGA movie script, Stargate: Extinction, went out to the writing department. No one has gotten around to reading … Read more

Preliminary Stargate Atlantis Movie Title Revealed

Stargate producer and executive producer on Stargate Atlantis Joseph Mallozzi has revealed a preliminary working title for the up and coming Stargate Atlantis Movie. The current working title is Stargate Extinction, although this hasn’t been confirmed as official by the studios developing the first film, its fantastic news for Atlantis fans, who have felt very … Read more

Joseph Mallozzi Reassures Fans on the Future of the Stargate Franchise

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has taken pre-emptive movies to reassure Stargate fans on the future of the franchise, including the hugely speculated over first Stargate Atlantis movie. You can read the full announcement below which has been taken directly from his personal blog Now allow me to clarify a few things about the Stargate: Atlantis … Read more

Stargate Nominated in 2009 Canadian Constellation Awards

The nominations keep on rolling in for the Stargate Franchise and its many talented actors, actresses, creative consultants, producers and many more behind the scenes production crew, in the 2009 Canadian Constellation Awards. The Constellation Awards are Canada’s annual science fiction awards focusing entirely on the science fiction film and television genres, and will take … Read more