We are Back

We are excited to announce that we have fully restored the Stargate Archive after taking the site offline when the show ended with Stargate Univerise. With all the news surrounding the possibility of a new spin off stargate series or a reboot of some of the origianls now that Amazon have taken over MGM, we … Read more

Stargate Archive To Remain Open

Following the news of MGM officially shutting down the Stargate Franchise the Stargate Archive team would like to re-assure all fans of the show, and regular visitors to the site that the Stargate archive WILL remain open for the foreseeable future. We’ve had a great time during the past 4 years of running the Stargate … Read more

Announcing Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect Instant Registration and Login

The Stargate Archive is pleased to announce the complete integration of Facebook and Twitter into the sites core services. From today you can now login and register for the sites community forums, and news publishing system using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you’re already registered for any of the sites services with an existing … Read more

Community Forums Back Online

We just wanted to post out a quick announcement to let you all know that the community forums are now back online. We submitted a support ticket several weeks ago to our forum software providers, and this has now been fixed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this down time. Kind Regards, The Stargate … Read more