Joe Flanigan And David Hewlett Lunch Auction In Los Angeles

Includes: Lunch with Joe Flanigan David Hewlett in Los Angeles in mid-November 2010. Restaurant is TBD. Based on availability. Joe Flanigan Joe Flanigan was born in Los Angeles and raised near Reno, Nevada. He grew up on a small ranch he likens to a Dr. Doolittle set, where his mother collected animals of every variety, … Read more

Rachel Luttrell Reminices On Stargate Atlantis

When, in the Stargate Atlantis series premiere Rising, the Ancients city is in danger of being destroyed, our heroes use its Stargate to travel to Athos, another planet in the Pegasus Galaxy that, if necessary, they might be able to evacuate to. It is there that they meet Teyla Emmagen, the caring and spirited leader … Read more

New Guests Announced for Wolf Stargate UK Convention

Meet the stars and collect their autographs at Wolf SG Worlds, a convention for stargate fans that is held at the Thistle Hotel London has announced further guests.   The list so far includes: Rachel Luttrell (Teyla, Atlantis), James Bamford (stunt co-ordinator), Julia Benson (2nd lt. Vanessa James, SGU) and Garry Chalk (Col. Chekov, SG1). … Read more

The First Stargate Atlantis Movie Stargate Extinction Future Left Uncertain

Rachel Luttrell has said she can’t confirm rumours of a big screen version of Stargate: Atlantis. The hit US show has just reached its finale, but Rachel said she had a feeling that there was more from the format to come, although stories of a movie version were “still rumours”. The actress, who has spent … Read more

Stargate Extinction to Start Filming In November?

Rachel Luttrell who plays Stargate Atlantis character Teyla Emmagan has hinted in a recent interview with SciFi now that the first Stargate Atlantis movie Stargate Extinction is set to begin filming in November. Rachel is quoted as saying “There’s a rumour that it’ll start shooting in November,” said Luttrell in a telephone interview on Friday … Read more

Two New Attendees Announced for the Atlantis / SG1 August Convention

The official Stargate SG1 / Atlantis convention which is due to be held between August 21st – 23rd in Chicago, has announced even more familiar faces from the Stargate Franchise. Rachel Luttrell and Gary Jones will be joining an already announced line-up which includes: Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks Joe Flanigan Paul McGillion Connor Trinneer You … Read more

Watch Rachel Luttrell Discussing Enemy At The Gate

Rachel Luttrell who plays the Athosian leader Teyla talks about the final ever episode from Stargate Atlantis season five in her latest video featurette to be added to the sites media collection. You can also watch this video interview using the Stargate Archives built in media player »

An Update On Cast Appearances Of Actors & Actresses From The Stargate Franchise

With no Stargate on our screens for what is possibly expected to be the remainder of 2009, the actors and actresses who have made up the Stargate franchise since its first outing in the 1990’s are currently working on other projects. Keep up to date with all the latest appearances from your favourite actors and … Read more

Watch David Hewlett's 'A Dog's Breakfast' for Free!

Hulu is offering the chance to watch David Hewlett’s first outing as a director in the form of the full length feature film ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’ for free!   Also, starring alongside David is his real-life and Atlantis sister, Kate Hewlett and appearances from many Stargate actors/actresses. A Dog’s Breakfast   Full Feature Film |1:28:08 … Read more