Personal thoughts on the 305?

I think alot of people myself included are wondering a very important question. WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE 305? Has anyone actually askes the producers for a shiny new ship? I think someone should. The problem is what will it look like and will it be introduced in time to defend Earth?

Is It All Over For Stargate Atlantis And SG1 Fans

With the recent announcement from Robert C Cooper regarding the current fate of Stargate Extinction and the still untitled third SG1 movie we can only assume that the studios have no plans on delivering either films to eager fans. Whilst this announcement does help to provide an insight as to what is actually going on … Read more

The Financial Implications Of Stargate Universe

With the announcement that Stargate Atlantis was to be cancelled after its fifth season run in favour of straight to DVD releases, which has been sighted due to financial costs we can only wonder if Atlantis was cancelled in favour of pushing Stargate Universe. As many official news sources have been quoted as saying the … Read more

The Stargate Archives Top 10 Favourite Atlantis Episodes

The Stargate Archive team are breaking down our favourite top 10 ever Atlantis episodes. Enemy At The Gate Be All My Sins Remembered The Return Part Two The Return Part One The Queen Tao Of Rodney Sunday Trinity Inferno Before I Sleep Add your views and opinions regarding our choices along with your own favourite … Read more

The Rise In Illegal File Sharing Of Stargate Atlantis Episodes

Many fans will know that Stargate Atlantis was cancelled a few months ago with the show ending with its momentous 100th episode at the end of its current fifth season. Fans around the world have been left feeling outraged that such a popular Sci Fi classic has been cancelled the official reasons behind the shows … Read more