Production On Universe Has Officially Started

Production has officially started on Stargate Universe with the principal photography commencing today at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Universe is gearing up for an official fall premiere in the United States of America on the Sci Fi Channel, the plot and outline of the show are a based around a group of military personnel and civilians who find themselves stranded on board an ancient intergalactic exploration ship called the Destiny.

Once on board the destiny this crew learns quickly that they will ever be unable to return to earth, and the ship itself is on a pre-programmed unchangeable course which has been on its path for millions of years. The ship itself is entirely automated.

The series stars already announced: Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, Justin Louis as Colonel Everett Young, Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott, David Blue as Eli Wallace and Jamil Walker Smith as Senior Sgt. Ronald Greer, and a further two female cast members who have still to be announced and released by the studios.

Stay tuned to the Stargate Archive for all the latest news on the Stargate franchise and the official announcement of the two female cast members as and when it breaks.