Lou Diamond Phillips And Ming-Na Dont Spill The Beans

For two veteran actors like Lou Diamond Phillips and Ming-Na Wen, being on the cast of Stargate Universe is an opportunity to flex their skills by tackling mind and body swaps, being brainwashed, exploring their sexuality, being tossed into gun fights, coping with disabilities, and of course being neck deep in good old human drama. … Read more

The First Stargate Universe Novelisation Is Now Available

The first title to be released in the Stargate Universe novel series is out now! Stargate Novels are kicking off the Stargate Universe line with the novelisation ‘Air’, the three hour premiere. Air is penned by James Swallow, from the teleplay series by creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper. James has previously written books … Read more

Why Stargate Universe Is No Voyager or Battle Star Galactica Mashup

After more than a decade of Stargate series established lengthy backstories for both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, where does a new entrant in the franchise take the story? How about the vast frontier of the universe? That’s the approach the creators of Syfy’s upcoming Stargate Universe have taken. The new show centers on … Read more

Watch The First Stargate Universe Preview

The first look at the third spin off series Stargate Universe is official here, this 30 second preview clip shows a team of scientists and military personnel in the middle of an emergency evacuation to the uninhabited Ancient ship Destiny Don’t forget to cast your vote in our Stargate Universe Preview poll

Production On Universe Has Officially Started

Production has officially started on Stargate Universe with the principal photography commencing today at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. Universe is gearing up for an official fall premiere in the United States of America on the Sci Fi Channel, the plot and outline of the show are a based around a group of … Read more