Joe Flanigan And David Hewlett Lunch Auction In Los Angeles

Includes: Lunch with Joe Flanigan David Hewlett in Los Angeles in mid-November 2010. Restaurant is TBD. Based on availability.

Joe Flanigan
Joe Flanigan was born in Los Angeles and raised near Reno, Nevada. He grew up on a small ranch he likens to a Dr. Doolittle set, where his mother collected animals of every variety, including rare white Ria’s, Scottish Highland cattle, and Emu’s. ” A remarkably stupid animal, but they can spit you in the eye from about 20 yards”. After ‘serving a 4 year sentence’ at boarding school in Ojai, California, he later studied art and history at the University of Paris a la Sorbonne and eventually graduated with a degree in history from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Following multifarious stints including being an Advance Man for the Vice President of the United States and working at Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, Joe found himself fired, broke and uncertain of his next move. An actor friend and neighbor suggested acting and Joe ultimately ended up at Milton Katsela’s Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. Financial pressure forced him to head quickly to Los Angeles in search of paying work. After starting with a number of commercials, Joe began to land roles in film and TV which included being a series regular on the last season of the Emmy nominated series Sisters on NBC, and CBS’s First Monday. Additionally he has shot 11 network pilots/movies including USA’s Thoughtcrimes, and scored numerous reoccurring and guest roles on Murphy Brown, Providence, Profiler, CSI Miami to name a few. He recently completed 100 episodes in the starring role of John Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis, which also won the People’s Choice Award.

Joe resides in Malibu with his wife of 13 years, painter Katherine Kousi, and his three rowdy young boys, Aidan, Truman and Fergus. He is an avid surfer, gardner and not-so successfull bee-keeper.

David Hewlett
Hewlett got his first computer in his mid-teens and became a self-described “computernerd”. While attending high school in Toronto he launched his acting career, starring in student films by Vincenzo Natali. He dropped out of high school in his senior year to pursue careers in acting and computing.

David Hewlett has appeared in many low-budget horror movies, such as The Darksideand the minor cult favourites Scanners II: The New Order and Pin. He also guest starred in several television series. In 1996, he landed one of his better-known roles, as Grant Jansky on Traders. In 1997, Hewlett worked again with Natali, starring in the critically-acclaimed thriller Cube as Worth the architect, a role that saw the rise of his stardom due to the commercial success of the low budget Canadian film.

David Hewlett in the conference room at Bridge Studios, Vancouver, during a break in filming Stargate Atlantis episode 5.18 “Identity” A self-confessed science fiction fan, Hewlett has been quoted saying that Doctor Who is what first sparked his love for the genre and that he made science fiction when he was younger in England on his 8 millimetre camera with friends. Hewlett more or less had his early dreams of working in science fiction made into a reality when he first had a four-episode guest role on Stargate SG-1 as the Stargateexpert Rodney McKay, which eventually grew into his starring role on Stargate Atlantis. In 2007, David appeared as a guest star in the first episode of the TV series Sanctuary, a show produced by and starring Stargate actress Amanda Tapping. He played Larry Tolson – a patient suffering from a form of psychosis, who was shot and wounded before being taken into custody by police as a homicide suspect. There are no plans for him to reprise this role.

In 2007 he wrote and directed A Dog’s Breakfast starring himself, his sister Kate Hewlett, his dog Mars, and Stargate Atlantis costars Paul McGillion, Christopher Judge, and Rachel Luttrell.

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