An Open Letter From SyFy Regarding Stargate Universe

When MGM decided to bring Stargate Atlantis to an end after five seasons, they did so knowing they’d transition to a new show in the franchise, Stargate Universe. SGU was a bold new take on Stargate that Brad Wright and Robert Cooper had had in mind for a long time, and one that we’d discussed … Read more

Stargate Universe Cancellation Lessens Hopes Of Stargate Atlantis Movie

With the breaking news last week that MGM (the studio who owns the Stargate Franchise) has completed its bankruptcy restricting protection and securing an additional $500 million in new financing, the next big question will be where will the studio if at all devote any of this funding to the Stargate Franchise? In a new … Read more

David Blue Talks Stargate Universe Season 2 Ship Romances

‘Stargate Universe’ has come a long way since it premiered last October. Now in its second season, the Syfy series has mostly ditched the tedious slow-burn plots that marked the first half of its freshman year for more action, adventure and space madness (CGI aliens! Space pirates! Starships that frak with your mind!). But not … Read more

Brian J Smith Is Star Crossed On Universe

Brian J Smith has revealed himself to be a slight Science Fiction geek in his latest interview courtesy of Agent DVD, the budding actor takes us backstage on his life, what’s in store for Stargate Universe season two and much, much more. Agent DVD: Did you have much exposure to sci-fi before joining the cast … Read more

Ready To Own Your Own Little Bit Of The Stargate Franchise?

Hey, Stargate fans! Want to own a piece of your favorite show? Then you’re in luck, because Propworx, who was also behind 2009’s Battlestar Galactica auctions, has launched a series of Stargate Artifacts auctions this week. Fifteen seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis memorabilia will be up for sale through eBay and two huge … Read more

Is Stargate Universe’s Dr. Rush Evil Or Misunderstood?

You’ve got to wonder if Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle), the single-minded genius on Syfy’s SGU: Stargate Universe, is on the right show. Maybe he hopped over from Caprica before anyone noticed and now it’s too late. However it happened, Carlyle’s character is so morally ambiguous we don’t know if we can trust him. Looking … Read more

Producer John G Lenic Delves Deeper Into the Stargate Universe

One of the longest running members of the Stargate production team from the entire franchise John G Lenic has taken time to answer a series of questions with the popular online media outfit Fused Film. You can read an excerpt of the interview below So Stargate Universe, I am such a fan of the series, … Read more

Brad Wright Exclusive On His Vision For Stargate Universe

The main man in charge of the entire Stargate Franchise Brad Wright has taken time out of his busy production, directing, and writing and well everything Stargate related to answer a series of questions on the new Stargate Universe. You can read an excerpt of the interview below: I can’t imagine what you must go … Read more

Exploring The New Stargate Universe With Lou Diamond Phillips

Stargate Universe acting legend Lou Diamond Phillips has taken time out of his busy season finale production schedule to answer a wide variety of questions with the team at ‘Deadbolt’. You can read an excerpt of the interview below: THE DEADBOLT: You look pretty cool inside the cockpit of a fighter. LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: [laughs] … Read more

Stargate Universe Aliens Wont Be Your Average Pegasus & Milky Way Aliens

Stargate Universe is about to boldly go where no other Science Fiction series has gone before, including Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. In a recent interview Brad Wright has discussed the plans for Stargate Universe, its direction and the non humanoid English speaking aliens. You can read an excerpt of the interview below: The original … Read more