Joe Flanigan And David Hewlett Lunch Auction In Los Angeles

Includes: Lunch with Joe Flanigan David Hewlett in Los Angeles in mid-November 2010. Restaurant is TBD. Based on availability. Joe Flanigan Joe Flanigan was born in Los Angeles and raised near Reno, Nevada. He grew up on a small ranch he likens to a Dr. Doolittle set, where his mother collected animals of every variety, … Read more

Latest Stargate Audio CD – 'Impressions'

Big Finish – the company that creates the Stargate Audio dramas has released another CD to add to your Stargate collection.    ‘Impressions’ features Major Lorne (voiced by Kavan Smith) and is approx. 60 minutes long. “Plagued by blackouts, painting strange pictures in his sleep, Major Evan Lorne begins to fear that he’s losing his … Read more

Michael Shanks 5th Online Charity Auction Commences

A second spin-off – “Stargate Universe” – due to hit the airwaves, with cameos and appearances by original cast members. A third DVD movie in the pipeline – and a DVD movie for the first spin-off, “Stargate: Atlantis” – also on the drawing board. A re-mastered re-release of its original series pilot. More novels from … Read more

2nd Series of Stargate Audio Adventures

The second series of Big Finish’s Stargate SG1/Atlantis audio adventures is in place. The first of the second series stars Christopher Judge and Noel Clarke and is titled ‘First Prime’, due for release on 30th May 2009.     There will be a total of 6 adventures which include the voice talents of some of … Read more

An Update On Cast Appearances Of Actors & Actresses From The Stargate Franchise

With no Stargate on our screens for what is possibly expected to be the remainder of 2009, the actors and actresses who have made up the Stargate franchise since its first outing in the 1990’s are currently working on other projects. Keep up to date with all the latest appearances from your favourite actors and … Read more

Watch David Hewlett's 'A Dog's Breakfast' for Free!

Hulu is offering the chance to watch David Hewlett’s first outing as a director in the form of the full length feature film ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’ for free!   Also, starring alongside David is his real-life and Atlantis sister, Kate Hewlett and appearances from many Stargate actors/actresses. A Dog’s Breakfast   Full Feature Film |1:28:08 … Read more

Signed Stargate Autographs Up For Auction

After the recent Stargate convention marathons over the summer Creation Entertainment are auctioning off 5 signed autographs of various cast members of the shows. The auction list includes: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shank & Christopher Judge autographed photo – BID NOW Michael Shanks Ark Of Truth Autographed Photo 1 – BID NOW Michael … Read more

SCI-FI actor Christopher Judge would love to have a part in Desperate Housewives.

Christopher Judge who plays Teal’c in the Stargate Franchise has recently been interviewed by the British news paper The Sun. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Christopher, who stars in new film Stargate: Continuum which came out on DVD yesterday, even likes prissy ginger housewife Bree and is especially fond of her severe make-up. … Read more

Michael Shanks Teleports To Burn Notice

Michael Shanks may be away on a family holiday with his wife Lexa Doig and their children, but the multi talented actor has still managed to squeeze in a telephone interview. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Calling from atop the CN Tower in Toronto, where he’s on a family vacation with wife Lexa … Read more

Christopher Judge Interviewed By Blockbuster’s Marshall Julius chats with larger-than-life actor Christopher Judge, star of stand-alone science fiction epic Stargate: Continuum, available now from Blockbuster. The longest-serving star in the Stargate universe, Christopher Judge, now 43, cuts an imposing figure with his broad, ripped, 6′ 3″ frame, though his deep, booming, mellifluous voice is no less commanding. Overall it’s … Read more