Stargate Continuum Wins High Definition Award

The High-Def Disc Awards luncheon was part of HD-3, a one-day conference held Nov. 11 at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles. HD-3 was produced by Home Media Magazine in cooperation with The Hollywood Reporter. A panel of critics determined the winners from submissions of Blu-ray Disc titles released between Oct. 1, 2007, and Sept. … Read more

Continuum Global Release Dates

Stargate Continuum is already proving to be a huge hit in the United States of America and has landed itself in the number 4 slot in it first week of release. However the direct to DVD release is not currently available globally, here is a complete list and updates to our previous announcement several weeks … Read more

Stargate Continuum Interview With IGN

The guys and girls over at IGN managed to sit down with the cast and crew of Stargate Continuum for an exclusive behind the scenes interview. Featured below is an excerpt of that interview: It’s only when you see The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, Canada, that you begin to realise just how big Stargate is. … Read more

Continuum Has Strong Download Results

Stargate Continuum the 3rd official Stargate movie and the final Stargate movie from the SG1 franchise has been  downloading well in the United States of America in its first week on sale on both DVD and Blu Ray. Continuum has landed its self in 4th place, with an average retail value of $26.98. If you … Read more

Stargate Continuum Screening At The Vancouver Convention

Stargate Continuum received its premiere screening recently in vancouver, as such new video footage is available surrounding this event. Watch the writers, actors, actresses and executive producers answer questions on the red carpet. Watch the stargate continuum screening at the vancouver convention clip. Please allow time for the video to load.

Bid Now For Your Chance On Continuum Props

The official Stargate Website is currently running a new auction / competition for an authentic North Face Base Camp Duffle Bags which were used during the Arctic shoot for the new Stargate movie “Continuum” being release on July 29, 2008. This bag has been autographed by: Richard Dean Anderson (seen signing the bag in the … Read more

Movie Web Exclusive Behind The Scenes On Stargate Continuum

Movie web have released an exclusive clip featuring director Martin Wood, Richard Dean Anderson, and Amanda Tapping on location during the filming of Stargate Continuum. The clip includes behind the scenes reactions of the cast and crew, as the U.S.S submarine the ‘Alexandria’ made a perfect crash entrance through the Arctic ice. Stargate Continuum is … Read more

Behind The Scenes Of Stargate Continuum, Part Two

Working in the Arctic Circle isn’t just tough: it’s almost impossible. Even leaving aside the extraordinary effort it takes to get there – as director Martin Wood puts it, there aren’t any tourist flights up onto the ice – the conditions aren’t exactly the sort you’d encounter in your back yard. Wood and director of … Read more

Directing Team On Stargate Continuum

After a recent press preview screening in Vancouver, SCI FI team members managed to sit down with: Brad Wright, executive producer N. John Smith and production designer Jams Robbins. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Brad Wright, how does creating and writing a Stargate feature compare to creating TV series episodes? The funny thing … Read more