Stargate Universe Receives Two Emmy Nominations

Stargate Universe receives two Emmy nominations for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series”!     Stargate Universe – “Air” Mark Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor Michael Lowes, Key 3D Artist Vivian Jim, Lead Visual Effects Compositor Kodie MacKenzie, Key Visual Effects Compositor Andrew Karr, Digital Effects Supervisor Alec McClymont, Lead 3D Artist Brenda Campbell, Lead … Read more

Watch The Atlantis Season Finale Visual Effects Video Clip

Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela discusses the series finale of Stargate Atlantis and the visual effects challenges he and his department faced in this latest video featurette to be added to the sites media collection. You can also watch this video clip using the Stargate Archives built in media player »

Job Openings In Stargate Universe Development

With production on Stargate Universe in full swing, it looks like the team are looking for more designers to join the development of the show. The Stargate Universe Visual Effects department is currently looking for a senior level Maya or Lightwave VFX animator, to join the team at Bridge Studios in BC, Canada. Full details … Read more

Behind The Scenes Of The Deadalus Variations

“I hope fans enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it,” says writer/producer Alan McCullough of Stargate Atlantis‘ latest action-packed installment. The idea for the episode had occurred to McCullough way back at the beginning of season four, and when season five came around the producers felt it was time to put the story … Read more

Season Four Episode 'Adrift' Receives Emmy Nomination

Stargate Atlantis has been nominated for this year’s 60th Primetime Emmy Awards for the category Outstanding Visual effects for a series. Here is the full list of nominees for this category: Stargate Atlantis • Adrift • Sci Fi Channel • Pegasus III Mark Savela, Visual Effects Supervisor Shannon Gurney, Visual Effects Coordinator Erica Henderson, Lead … Read more

Big Plans For Atlantis Visual Effects

Stargate: Atlantis visual effects supervisor Mark Savela reveals that the second half of the show’s season will kick off with the biggest effects sequence viewers will have ever seen on the show. “We all watched the final mix a couple of days ago, which is amazing,” he enthuses. “It was a sequence done by Image … Read more