Stargate Universe Season 2 WorldWide Premiere Dates

The second season of Stargate Universe season 2 is fast approaching, and if you’re excited you’re not alone. Fans from around the world can’t wait for the season two premiere, the major networks will begin airing Stargate Universe within the next two weeks, here is the information for the main audiences Syfy in the U.S. … Read more

Stargate Universe Season Two USA Premier Date Revealed

Its official Stargate Universe is returning to your screens even earlier this year for fans in The United States of America. Usually the Stargate franchise has had its premieres within the first week of October on a Friday night in the 9pm slot, however this year Stargate Universe returns on Tuesday September 28th in its … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Meets Stargate Universe In Season Two Crossover Plot

It looks as though Stargate Atlantis fans will finally have some of their questions answered from the season 5 finale episode, “Enemy At The Gate” which aired over 18 months ago. Atlantis fans have a number of questions that have still to be answered which include: Where is Atlantis now? When last we saw our … Read more

The Entire Season Two Episode Titles Have Been Revealed

Production on Stargate Universe has still to commence however the entire episode list has now been revealed by one of the shows executive producers, Joseph Mallozzi. Here is a complete run down of the Stargate Universe season two: Intervention Aftermath Awakenings Pathogen Cloverdale Trial and Error The Greater Good Malice Visitation Resurgence Deliverance Twin Destinies … Read more

Stargate Universe Season Two Mid Parter Episode Title Revealed

Stargate Universe season two is already shaping up to be an exciting season with the tidbits of information that have leaked so far from producers and the crew of the show. The Stargate Archive can exclusively reveal that the mid-season two parter episodes for Season Two have their official episode titles revealed. Episode ten will … Read more

Four New Stargate Universe Season Two Episode Titles Revealed

Production on Stargate Universe season two is in full swing, we’ve already had the first ten episodes of the second season revealed, now another four have been released by the writing department. Intervention Aftermath Awakenings Pathogen Cloverdale Trial and Error The Greater Good Malice Visitation Resurgence Unknown Episode Twin Destinies Alliances Hope Unknown Episode Unknown … Read more

Sky1 Confirms Previously Announced Stargate Universe Return Date

It’s official Sky1 has confirmed that Stargate Universe will return to television screens in the United Kingdom on Tuesday the 13th April 2010 in its original time slot of 8pm. The Stargate Archive released this return to air date several weeks ago before any other Stargate fan site, below you can watch yet another sneak … Read more

Stargate Universe Season Two To Begin Filming In March

Production on Stargate Universe season two will spring into life on Wednesday March 10th with the episode ‘Pathogen’ according to executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. It is still difficult to know which of the main cast will be returning next year as the second half of Season One is still to air in all major distribution … Read more

Stargate Universe Producers Looking For A New Villian?

The various producers of Stargate Universe are looking for a new bad guy to torment and plague the team for the show’s second season. It is believed that the character, Simeon, will appear in a story arc running six to seven episodes and leading to a confrontation with Nicholas Rush. Here’s the casting call: SIMEON … Read more