Stargate Universe Could Return As A Tv Movie

Stargate Extinction the first Stargate Atlantis movie is still very much residing in limbo, but apparently according to news sources Stargate Universe may stand a better chance of steeping into the movie frontier.

Stargate Universes cancellation came at the end of last year due to continuously declining ratings in a new timeslot; however producer Joseph Mallozzi has since remained positive about the chances of the series making a return to finish its 6 year long story arc.

Hopefully by the time the season two series finale episode airs entitled “Gauntlet” we’ll have a definite word on a potential movie or two, Mallozzi has posted on his official blog.

The final 10 episodes of Stargate Universe began airing last week and the events will lead-up to a spectacular season finale. Mallozzi has confirmed that if the show does return then “Gauntlet” will be the perfect platform to catapult the series forward.

“If it’s a go [on the television movies] and fans can look forward to a proper end to Destiny’s mission, then ‘Gauntlet’ will certainly set the stage for a grand conclusion,” he said. “If, on the other hand, things don’t pan out and ‘Gauntlet’ does turn out to be the bittersweet [series] finale, fans will be thrilled, touched, heartbroken … and left to wonder what could have been.”

The sets at Bridge Studios in Vancouver, B.C., remain standing while the final fate of the show is decided. Shortly after the cancellation order it looked like Metro Goldwyn Mayer would be shopping SGU to other networks in the hopes of a third season but that has now been ruled out.