The Complete Stargate Universe Season 2 Ratings Summary

Season Two Ratings Summary Episode Viewers in Millions (Live+Same Day) Viewers in Millions (Live+7 Days) Intervention 1.175 Aftermath 1.070 Awakening 1.222 Pathogen 0.974 Cloverdale 1.012 Trial And Error 0.967 The Greater Good 1.074 Malice 1.025 Visitation 1.169 Resurgence 1.094 Deliverance 1.035 Twin Destinies 0.923 Alliances 0.814 Hope 0.876 Seizure 0.823 The Hunt 1.020 Common Descent … Read more

Stargate Universe Beyond Season 2

  The ending to Gauntlet that aired was different from the one originally conceived.  Before the script was written, hell, even before the writers sat down to spin the actual story, the original pitch had Young and Rush as the last two men standing.  With one, lone serviceable pod remaining, they argue, then make the … Read more

Farewell To The Destiny

Its official Stargate Universe has aired its last ever episode tonight in the United States of America, Gauntlet has seen out the popular show which has as time suffered from critics although it did have its very own unique theme which you either loved or hated. The full episode guide for Stargate Universe season 2 … Read more

Stargate Universe Final Season DVD Lands June 7th

The Destiny continues its journey through the Universe, while its crew suffers from a lack of supplies and no knowledge of its final destination. Struggling to control the ships systems, tempers and personalities of the crew clash. Facing uncharted space and enemies who would take the ship by force, the Destiny crew persevere in their … Read more

Stargate Universe Could Return As A Tv Movie

Stargate Extinction the first Stargate Atlantis movie is still very much residing in limbo, but apparently according to news sources Stargate Universe may stand a better chance of steeping into the movie frontier. Stargate Universes cancellation came at the end of last year due to continuously declining ratings in a new timeslot; however producer Joseph … Read more

Brad Wright Hasnt Given Up On Stargate Universe

Be of good cheer this holiday season, “Stargate Universe” fans. Syfy may not have shot down the Destiny just yet. “We haven’t given up on finishing the story we started,” executive producer and series co-creator Brad Wright said via email on  Thursday. On Dec. 16, Syfy confirmed  via Twitter that it  wasnt going to  pick … Read more

The Entire Season Two Episode Titles Have Been Revealed

Production on Stargate Universe has still to commence however the entire episode list has now been revealed by one of the shows executive producers, Joseph Mallozzi. Here is a complete run down of the Stargate Universe season two: Intervention Aftermath Awakenings Pathogen Cloverdale Trial and Error The Greater Good Malice Visitation Resurgence Deliverance Twin Destinies … Read more