SCI-FI actor Christopher Judge would love to have a part in Desperate Housewives.

Christopher Judge who plays Teal’c in the Stargate Franchise has recently been interviewed by the British news paper The Sun.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Christopher, who stars in new film Stargate: Continuum which came out on DVD yesterday, even likes prissy ginger housewife Bree and is especially fond of her severe make-up.

Christopher told us: “I like Desperate Housewives a lot. I like Bree. I like her make up.

“She has this whole face as one thing and her whole personality is completely different and I find that interesting.

“Desperate Housewives is one of the hours that me and my fiancée spend together and so it was kind of forced on me at first but yes, I do enjoy it.

“We have an interesting set up with the remote where I have a wall with 17 TVs on the wall so we’re often in the same room but my daughter can see what she wants and so can I.

“But the upside of that is that we do have these shows that we do watch together and Desperate Housewives is one of those and there’s no squabbling.”

Indeed. Christopher’s new film Stargate:Continuum is out on DVD now. Order your copy from the online store.