Why You Havent Seen Those Stargate Movies Yet Theres Still Hope

 you’ve been anxiously waiting to see the SG-1 and Atlantis crews return in those two delayed straight-to-DVD movies Stargate: Revolution and Stargate: Extinction and have been wondering what’s going on, think of how executive producer Brad Wright feels —he’s the guy itching to make them. Wright recently explained what the holdup has been —and that … Read more

Executive Producer Robert Cooper Talks Stargate Universe

In this exclusive interview courtesy of Cinema Spy, Executive producer Robert C Cooper talks about his 12 years on the Stargate Franchise, the future of Stargate Universe and all importantly how he feels the show is progressing. You can read an excerpt of the interview below The affable Cooper told us that one of the … Read more

New Stargate SG-1 And Atlantis Films Due But Not Just Yet

Stargate Universe executive producer Robert C. Cooper has written scripts for a new potential Stargate SG-1 movie and a Stargate Atlantis film, but said it might be a while before they get a green light. “We’re ready to go,” Cooper said in an exclusive interview over the weekend in Pasadena, Calif., where he was promoting … Read more

Happy Canada Day With Stargate Movie Marathon

It’s a Stargate movie marathon today for Stargate fans in Canada, with the annual celebrations of Canada Day in full swing the Space channel are offering up an all out fest of Stargateness. Starting at 5 p.m. with the 1994 feature film Stargate, the inspiration for several subsequent Vancouver-shot series, and additional tie-in TV movies … Read more

Michael Shanks To Appear In Stargate Universe

Former Stargate SG1 actor and occasional cameo on Stargate Atlantis, Michael Shanks has revealed that he is in talks with Brad Wright to make a guest appearance in the new Stargate Universe premiere. Featured below is an excerpt from the interview: “I talked to [executive producer] Brad Wright a couple of weeks ago, and he … Read more

Sci Fi United States Finally Announces Stargate Movie Premieres

The Sci Fi channel in the United States of America has finally announced the premiere of Stargate The Ark Of Truth scheduled for a 27th March premiere, with Continuum following later in the year. Both of The Ark Of Truth and Stargate Continuum have been available to purchase on DVD for several months, you can … Read more

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Robert Cooper, the writer and director of Stargate Atlantis‘ penultimate episode, ‘Vegas’, reveals the hard work that went into the show’s most ambitious location shoot yet! ‘Vegas’ is, obviously, a very different style of episode for Stargate Atlantis. Where did the idea come from? I threw out the idea of Sheppard being a homicide detective … Read more

Time Is Running Out In Our Bumper Stargate Competition

As part of our 1 year anniversary we are also launching an exclusive birthday celebration competition which will end on the 6th November 2008. If you would like to enter for your chance to win a bumper Stargate package which includes: Complete SG1 box set seasons 1 to 10 Stargate Atlantis seasons 1 to 4 … Read more