The 6th Annual MSOL Online Auction Is Now Live

Michael Shanks Online are pleased to launch their sixth annual auction. As with all our fundraising efforts, 100% of the profits of this auction will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, the charity supported by Michael Shanks (Smallville, Burn Notice, Stargate SG-1) and his wife, Lexa Doig (V, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda). Scheduled … Read more

Lexa Doig To Join The Cast Of V With Fellow Stargate Actress

It’s official Lexa  Doig will be joining the cast of V when the series returns on March 30th 2010 in the United States of America, Lexa  will join her fellow Stargate SG1 actress Morena Baccarin. For any Stargate SG1 fans you will recognise both of these  talented women  for their appearances  in Season 9 and … Read more

Final Few Days In Annual Michael Shanks Charity Auction

The 2009 annual Michael Shanks charity auction is heading into its final few days with the last of the items up for grabs ending on Friday 26th June. The proceeds of this auction will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, the charity supported by SG-1 actors Michael Shanks (Dr Daniel Jackson) and … Read more

Michael Shanks 5th Online Charity Auction Commences

A second spin-off – “Stargate Universe” – due to hit the airwaves, with cameos and appearances by original cast members. A third DVD movie in the pipeline – and a DVD movie for the first spin-off, “Stargate: Atlantis” – also on the drawing board. A re-mastered re-release of its original series pilot. More novels from … Read more

Michael Shanks Teleports To Burn Notice

Michael Shanks may be away on a family holiday with his wife Lexa Doig and their children, but the multi talented actor has still managed to squeeze in a telephone interview. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Calling from atop the CN Tower in Toronto, where he’s on a family vacation with wife Lexa … Read more

Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Convention Update

The official Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis convention in Chicago has had its guest list updated again. Familiar face Chuck Campbell. Atlantis fans will recognise him as a technician, most famously posted in the control centre of Atlantis. Chuck joins an existing line up of: Ben Browder Michael Shanks Alexis Cruz Lexa Doig David Nykl The … Read more

Stargate Is A Huge Hit At Comic Con 2008

This year’s Comic Con event in San Diego has been a huge success for the entire franchise. Familiar faces from the shows were out in force with the line up including: Richard Dean Anderson Amanda Tapping Ben Browder Michael Shanks Christopher Judge Beau Bridges Martin Wood Brad Wright Lexa Doig Joe Flanigan Jewel Staite Robert … Read more

Michael Shanks Official Annual Auction Commences

Ten years of a record-breaking series are over, and yet “Stargate SG-1” is still very much alive and kicking. The first six months of 2008 have already seen the release of one of two (so far) made-for-DVD movies – “Stargate: The Ark of Truth” – and its accompanying CD soundtrack, two audio dramas from Big … Read more

Michael Shanks & Lexa Doig Lunch Auction

Creation Entertainment are currently offering an online auction where you can win an exclusive lunch with Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig. SG-1 stars MICHAEL SHANKS and his wife, actress LEXA DOIG that will be held on Sunday at The Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Convention in CHICAGO on AUGUST 24-26. 2008 at The WYNDHAM O’HARE Hotel. 1:30 … Read more

Go Back Stage At The Vancouver Stargate Convention

Here is the rare chance to “go behind the curtain” and hang out backstage at The Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS CONVENTION coming to Vancouver, BC on April 3 to 6, 2008 at The Hilton Metrotown Vancouver.    As the best and most famous Stargate fan event of the year, this is an incredible opportunity for a … Read more