Destiny Takes Robert Carlyle To New Depths In Stargate Universe Season 2

Robert Carlyle’s TV alter-ego may be hurtling through space into the unknown, but the charming Scottish actor is as grounded as they come. Seated casually in a San Diego hotel on a hot summer day, the Stargate Universe actor is the very antithesis of the celebrity cliche. Amid the many cloned, plastic Hollywood smiles and … Read more

Robert C Cooper Theres More To Life Than Just Stargate

Robert C. Cooper has loved the Stargate franchise so much, he has pretty much spent his entire career with it, spanning three television series, a couple network homes, and a new approach with “Stargate: Universe.” But even the best things sometimes have to come to an end. “You don’t get into the business to do … Read more

Stargate Universe Comic Con 2010 Line-up

With the 2010 San Diego Comic Con fast approaching, fans are getting eager to listen to all of the questions that are due to be asked at this years headline event. This year only Stargate Universe will feature in the Stargate Franchise line-up, you can catch the official panel at10:30-11:30 in ballroom 20. The  all … Read more

Robert C Cooper Departs The Stargate Franchise

Robert C Cooper is one of the leading men behind the entire Stargate Franchise, hes been with the franchise since Stargate SG1’s first season and its a sad day to hear that he will no longer be working behind the scenes on Stargate. Here is the official entry from Joseph Mallozzi A short and early … Read more

Robert Carlyle Missed Out On The Stargate Spoiler Memo

Stargate Universe legend Robert Carlyle fortunately didn’t get the memo saying that stars of the third spin off ser series shouldn’t tell reporters what’s going to happen,. Carlyle headlines the mismatched destiny crew as Dr. Nicholas Rush, the reclusive leader who is responsible for an accident that sends a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians … Read more

Why Stargate Universe Is No Voyager or Battle Star Galactica Mashup

After more than a decade of Stargate series established lengthy backstories for both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, where does a new entrant in the franchise take the story? How about the vast frontier of the universe? That’s the approach the creators of Syfy’s upcoming Stargate Universe have taken. The new show centers on … Read more

Watch The Full Video Of The Stargate Universe 2009 Comic Con Panel

We’ve got the exclusive video of the full panel for Stargate Universe from last weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego. The panel features stars Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush), Brian J. Smith (1st Lt. Matthew Scott), Elyse Levesque (Chloe Armstrong), David Blue (Eli Wallace), Alaina Huffman (1st Lt. Tamara Johansen), Jamil Walker Smith (Master Sergeant Ronald … Read more

Stargate Universe After Party In San Diego

While at the MGM party on the rooftop of San Diego’s Salomar hotel last Thursday night — where a Stargate was projected on the bottom of the pool and the SGU symbol was projected on the side of a building across the street — ‘Stargate’ major domo Brad Wright revealed to CinemaSpy that the third … Read more

Robert Carlyle Talks Stargate Universe

The Scottish born actor Robert Carlyle has had an extremely diverse acting career with roles in international films like Trainspotting, and the Full Monty. His latest project is the role of Dr. Nicholas Rush in Stargate Universe aboard the ancient ship destiny. The Flick cast had chance to catch up with Robert Carlyle during the … Read more

Stargate Universe Comic Con Round Up

The Stargate franchise has some seriously passionate fans —hardly a surprise after so many, many years —so when Syfy showed the trailer for the newest installment, Stargate Universe, at San Diego Comic-Con today, the fans screamed their delight. And when they revealed Richard Dean Anderson at the end of the trailer, the place exploded in … Read more