Joseph Mallozzi Reflects On Atlantis And To The Future With Universe

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has taken time out of his busy production schedule to talk about his time on producing Stargate Atlantis, what he expects for the first Atlantis movie, the third SG1 movie and the up and coming Stargate Universe. You can read an excerpt from the interview below: You probably have the fewest … Read more

Stargate Continuum Interview With IGN

The guys and girls over at IGN managed to sit down with the cast and crew of Stargate Continuum for an exclusive behind the scenes interview. Featured below is an excerpt of that interview: It’s only when you see The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, Canada, that you begin to realise just how big Stargate is. … Read more

Robert Picardo & Executive Producer Joseph Mollozzi On Season Five

Robert Picardo and the show’s executive producer Joseph Mollozzi, recently sat down with the press to answer questions regarding the new base commander in season five, and the shows up and coming 100th episode. Please be warned the following article contains minor spoilers. The outlook for season 5: Now that the Wraith are weakened, season … Read more

Sci Fi Channel Announces Summer Lineup

NBC Universal published the Sci Fi summer channel line up which will include: Ghost Hunters International, Scare Tactics, Eureka, and Stargate Atlantis. Featured below is an excerpt of the announcement. Stargate Atlantis (Season 5 Premieres July 11, 2008 @ 10 PM) – As Stargate Atlantis moves into its fifth action-packed season, the team of intrepid … Read more

Amanda Tapping on The Ark Of Truth, Sanctuary And More

In a recent interview with Sci-Fi Tv in Australia Amanda Tapping discusses her plans for the future, and how she plans to juggle Sanctuary and Stargate. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Hello Amanda! It’s been quite a year for you! It has in-deedy-doody! The last thing we talked about when last we spoke … Read more

Amanda Tapping Talks Stargate and Sanctuary

Amanda Tapping must have the biggest and best office in the SCI FI Channel building… or at least the nicest pension plan. For the Canadian actress has proven to be a huge asset to the network, anchoring not just the long-lived Stargate SG-1 series as Colonel Samantha Carter, but also jumping in as a regular … Read more

Gifted Group Behind Stargate's Success

Vancouver’s North Shore News conducted an interview with Stargate star Amanda Tapping to talk about her career with the franchise and other endeavors. Live in Vancouver long enough and you’ll eventually stumble across a weedy crypt resting by a curb, a snow-covered lawn out of season, a New York cab parked in front of a … Read more Interviews David Hewlett

Mark Wilson has published a lengthy interview with Stargate Atlantis star David Hewlett in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of Hewlett discusses several aspects about his role as the “absolute arrogant jerk” Dr. Rodney McKay. Did you ever wonder whether fans would “get” Rodney — that they would get past Rodney’s difficulty to see his complexity … Read more

Christopher Judge In 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth'

When SCI FI Channel cancelled Stargate: SG-1, MGM quickly greenlit two direct to DVD movies which would continue the storyline.   The first of these, The Ark of Truth, out today, completes the series by wrapping up the Ori storyline.   Actor Christopher Judge, who plays the alien Teal’c recently set down for an exclusive … Read more