Stargate Universe Beyond Season 2

  The ending to Gauntlet that aired was different from the one originally conceived.  Before the script was written, hell, even before the writers sat down to spin the actual story, the original pitch had Young and Rush as the last two men standing.  With one, lone serviceable pod remaining, they argue, then make the … Read more

Stargate Universe Season Two Wraps

Stargate Universe executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has announced on his personal blog that principal photography has completed for the second season of Stargate Universe! It’s been a great year and, looking back over the 20 episodes produced for SGU’s second season, I have to say I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished: great stories, grand … Read more

Robert C Cooper Knows How Stargate Universe Will End

Stargate Universe co-creator Robert C. Cooper has revealed that he knows how the Syfy drama will end. He told Collider that he has a plan for how the show might eventually conclude, but admitted that he is still uncertain what will happen in future episodes. “[I know] why the Ancients sent the ship out there … Read more

Christopher Heyerdahl Attending Stargate Vancouver Convention

Christopher Heyerdahl has been added to the official Stargate SG1 / Atlantis Convention guest line-up, at the 2009 Vancouver spectacular which is due to commence on the 2nd of April and conclude on the 5th April. Christopher will be appearing on stage on Thursday, signing autographs for a nominal feed combined with a few photo … Read more

Christopher Heyerdahl Joins Supernatural

Christopher Heyerdahl is moving into the realm of the television series Supernatural starting the 12th March in the United States of America, Heyerdahl will be playing the role of Alastair who’s character is both dark and sinister. Christopher has been potrayed in many roles including his famous ‘Todd the Wraith’ who made his first appearance … Read more

Joseph Mallozzi Reflects On Atlantis And To The Future With Universe

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has taken time out of his busy production schedule to talk about his time on producing Stargate Atlantis, what he expects for the first Atlantis movie, the third SG1 movie and the up and coming Stargate Universe. You can read an excerpt from the interview below: You probably have the fewest … Read more

McGillion Thrilled To Be Part Of Star Trek Revamp

Paul McGillion laughs about the first time he told his parents he was going to star in a new TV show called Stargate Atlantis. Despite correcting them countless times, they thought he said Star Trek. A few years later, he now has both franchises on the resume. The rugged Scottish-born actor was seriously considered for … Read more

Fans Forced Actors Return

Considering he’s also Scottish, McGillion thought the stars were aligned for the part. But he wasn’t crushed when Pegg got the call (Pegg also had a small role in Abrams’ “Mission Impossible 3”). “I can’t say enough good things about what a terrific guy (Abrams) is,” he said. “He came up to me immediately and … Read more