Summer Debut For Season Five

Stargate Atlantis season five is to receieve a summert debut on the Sci-Fi channel according to  script coordinator Alex Levine in his  personal blog. “The good news: we’re airing early this year, starting in the summer. So hopefully our ratings will stay up, and most importantly, you won’t have long to wait for more Stargate.” … Read more

Paul McGillion's Trek

Former Niagara resident Paul McGillion laughs about the first time he told his parents he was going to star in a new TV show called “Stargate Atlantis.” Despite correcting them countless times, they thought he said “Star Trek.” A few years later, he has both franchises on his resume. The rugged, Scottish-born actor was seriously … Read more

Executive Producer Joseph Mollozzi, Speaks Out On Season Five

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, speaks out on cast changes, plots, potential spoilers and more. Woolsey assumes command of the Atlantis expedition! I’ve always admired Robert Picardo’s work in shows like China Beach and Star Trek: Voyager and we had been looking to cast him for a long time. Finally, the opportunity presented itself in SG-1’s … Read more

Rumour Control: Season Five

We are still awaiting to receive word that we can re-publish the official press release by Sci-Fi.  The release has now  been pushed back to  Tuesday morning. But  for now  we can squash a few rumors and speculation, thanks  to the executive producer Joseph Mallozzi “With the absence of Carter, Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) will pick … Read more

Amanda Tapping Takes On New Role In 'Sanctuary'

Amanda Tapping will be returning with an all star cast in Season Five, which begins filming in a few weeks time in Canada. Due to the nature of the writers’ strike Stargate Atlantis is not affected. Tapping, who starred in the online version of “Sanctuary,” plans to follow the show onto the cable channel thus … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 – Begins Recording

We have just received word that the next season of Stargate Atlantis will begin recording on February 19th 2008. Of course these rumours are unconfirmed at the moment and are subject to change. Here is a short breakdown of the cast, which we have been able to find courtesy of BC Film Commission Pegasus Productions … Read more