Stargate Universe Coming To Comic Con 2009

It’s an all out extravaganza for the Sci Fi channel in July 2009, with the rebranding of the entire media outfit to Sy Fy there also announcing an all star line-up for the 2009 Comic Con due to be held in San Diego. Expected to appear at this year’s Comic Con include: Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, … Read more

Michael Shanks Teleports To Burn Notice

Michael Shanks may be away on a family holiday with his wife Lexa Doig and their children, but the multi talented actor has still managed to squeeze in a telephone interview. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Calling from atop the CN Tower in Toronto, where he’s on a family vacation with wife Lexa … Read more

Stargate Is A Huge Hit At Comic Con 2008

This year’s Comic Con event in San Diego has been a huge success for the entire franchise. Familiar faces from the shows were out in force with the line up including: Richard Dean Anderson Amanda Tapping Ben Browder Michael Shanks Christopher Judge Beau Bridges Martin Wood Brad Wright Lexa Doig Joe Flanigan Jewel Staite Robert … Read more

Directing Team On Stargate Continuum

After a recent press preview screening in Vancouver, SCI FI team members managed to sit down with: Brad Wright, executive producer N. John Smith and production designer Jams Robbins. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Brad Wright, how does creating and writing a Stargate feature compare to creating TV series episodes? The funny thing … Read more

Stargate Worlds To Dominate Comic Con

Stargate Worlds the up and coming MMORPG based on the Stargate Universe including SG1 and Atlantis is to have its own dedicated area at this years Comic Con event. The  creators behind the game and the Stargate series will set up  a  booth at #3535 and a base camp outside the San Diego Convention Centre … Read more

Paul McGillion In An Audio Interview With Popculture Zoo

Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillian recently found time in his busy filming schedule for the up and coming season five of Stargate Atlantis to take part in an audio  interview with Pop Culture Zoo. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Paul McGillion: Hey, Joe, how ya doing? PCZ: I’m great, hello sir! How are … Read more

The Making Of Stargate Continuum Part One

Stargate Continuum has, for Brad Wright, been a very long time coming. Having co-created the original Stargate SG-1 series as a spin off from the massively successful big-screen film, the writer/producer has always harbored a dream that one day, new and old fans alike would be able to experience their favorite show in movie form. … Read more

Robert Cooper – Evolution of 'Stargate SG-1'

In a recent interview with Cinema Spy, Executive producer for Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis Robert Cooper discusses The Ark Of Truth. When Stargate SG-1 ended its run in 2007, it was the longest-running science fiction series on North American television. The plucky show, inspired by and based on a mediocre feature film from 1994, … Read more

Christopher Judge In 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth'

When SCI FI Channel cancelled Stargate: SG-1, MGM quickly greenlit two direct to DVD movies which would continue the storyline.   The first of these, The Ark of Truth, out today, completes the series by wrapping up the Ori storyline.   Actor Christopher Judge, who plays the alien Teal’c recently set down for an exclusive … Read more