Stargate Is A Huge Hit At Comic Con 2008

This year’s Comic Con event in San Diego has been a huge success for the entire franchise. Familiar faces from the shows were out in force with the line up including:

Richard Dean Anderson
Amanda Tapping
Ben Browder
Michael Shanks
Christopher Judge
Beau Bridges
Martin Wood
Brad Wright
Lexa Doig
Joe Flanigan
Jewel Staite
Robert Picardo

Stargate Continuum

First out of the starting block was Stargate Continuum. The highlight of this panel was a very moving video montage to the fallen Don S. Davis; it was evident by the panel’s members that Davis is extremely missed by all.

The main news announcement at this panel from Brad Wright, that MGM has given the go ahead for Brad Wright to start on the story for the next SG-1 movie.

Wright also added that the new spin off series Stargate Universe is nearly a done deal as well.

Everyone was excited by the premiere of Continuum with hundreds of fans turning up on the deck of the US carrier Midway the night before the screening. The actors and actresses and directing cast are very proud of the film, and what it represents, the chance to shoot in the Arctic and work together again after SG1 was cancelled.

Several members of the panel talked about how they have enjoyed working together over the years, and hoped to be able to do so in the future.

Stargate Worlds

The second panel was centralised around the up and coming and highly anticipated Stargate Worlds.

In game demo footage was provided along with answering questions from fans in the audience. Fans of the Stargate franchise will be pleased to know that the characters in the game are going to be based on real life experiences from the television shows Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

The game itself will be set right before Season 9 of Stargate SG1 and the events that have taken place in the Stargate Universe.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment confirmed that game is currently only available for Windows but will be looking to launch on other platforms after its general release.

(This announcement and gaming platform compatibility is subject to change)

Stargate Atlantis

The final event at this year’s comic con was the Stargate Atlantis panel. This panel featured several promotional shots and videos for the new season five which is already released on Sci Fi in the United States.

One of the most interesting items at this year’s panel was about Joe Flanigan, who is the only original cast member of Atlantis to attend this year’s Atlantis panel.

Joe said that his character, Colonel John Sheppard had evolved since the start of the show, where he tended to be happy being on his own in a multitude of situations; he has now become a team player.

Robert Picardo was asked how he felt about filling the shoes of Amanda Tapping as the leader of the Atlantis expedition. Picardo jokily answered that he would rather watch Amanda Tapping on television in charge of Atlantis than himself. Joe responded saying that he would make a hot new female lead, to which Robert replied his character Richard Woolsey would be wearing women’s clothing later in the season.

The panel was later asked about difficulties they have experienced whilst filming on set. Jewel replied with my most difficult episode to date was in season four ‘Tracker’ where I was kidnapped in the woods. Robert Picardo replied with the upcoming episode in season five ‘Inquisition’ was the hardest for him as his character had 10 straight pages of dialogue.

The most interesting announcement at this year’s panel came from another audience member, who asked if there was going to be any romance between Sheppard and Teyla in season five. Brad Wright mentioned that they have a very unique relationship which would be explored more this season.

That’s a Wrap

This brings to an end the Comic Con event of 2008. The Atlantis Archive will be adding video footage soon of interviews, and from the event itself.