Joseph Mallozzi No Word On Stargate Universe Revival

Stargate Universe producer Joseph Mallozzi has admitted that there is “still no definite word” about a possible revival. The sci-fi drama was axed in December, but Mallozzi later wrote on his blog that discussions with co-producer Brad Wright about some form of continuation had been “positive”. However, in a more recent post, he said: “Following … Read more

Things Are Looking Positive For The Stargate Franchise

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has given a brief update on Brad Wright’s attempts to continue with the Stargate Franchise. I was in the office yesterday to watch the Day 1 Mix of The Hunt. Great stuff! Anyway, while there, I talked to Brad. Needless to say, he’s been working hard to ensure we all get … Read more

Gatecon Conventions To End In 2010 With An All Star Line-up

The popular fan ran conventions provided by the legendary Gatecon have decided that 2010 will be their final year of holding the annual event. Here is the official announcement After twelve years and ten highly successful conventions staged in Canada and the United Kingdom, the owners of Gatecon have opted to wrap their fan-favorite Stargate … Read more

Brad Wright And The Stargate Universe Controversy That’s Hit The Press Hard

This is a strange story even by Internet standards. In her (reasonably positive) review of ABC’s new series V, Chicago Tribune columnist Maureen Ryan used an aside to chastise ABC’s other sci-fi shows, Lost and FlashForward, then went on to slag Syfy’s Stargate Universe: (And let’s face it, we sci-fi fans are a frequently disappointed … Read more

Exclusive Interview Robert Carlyle On His Take On Stargate Universe

With the official launch of Stargate Universe only 48 hours away the online promotion and advertising mill is currently in overdrive. Multiple new videos, spoilers and cast interviews are flying off the press shelf almost on a daily basis. In this latest interview by Robert Carlyle he discusses his take on Stargate Universe and much … Read more

The Stargate Archives Top 10 Favourite Atlantis Episodes

The Stargate Archive team are breaking down our favourite top 10 ever Atlantis episodes. Enemy At The Gate Be All My Sins Remembered The Return Part Two The Return Part One The Queen Tao Of Rodney Sunday Trinity Inferno Before I Sleep Add your views and opinions regarding our choices along with your own favourite … Read more

Freedom Of Speech At Stargate Archive Forums

The Stargate Archive’s public forums are a free and open community discussion for all fans alike to converse and discuss their favourite episodes, characters, plot lines and much more. The Stargate Archive team would like to remind everyone that the team respects the rights and views of the individual and we do not pro-actively remove … Read more

Behind The Scenes On First Contact & The Lost Tribe

As far as most fans are concerned, Atlantis is where Daniel Jackson belongs. After all, he knows the Ancients arguably better than any other living human, and so you’d think that establishing a colony in one of their cities – in another galaxy, no less – would be right up his alley. He thought so … Read more

Directing Team On Stargate Continuum

After a recent press preview screening in Vancouver, SCI FI team members managed to sit down with: Brad Wright, executive producer N. John Smith and production designer Jams Robbins. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Brad Wright, how does creating and writing a Stargate feature compare to creating TV series episodes? The funny thing … Read more