Close Up With Kate Hewlett

Since Kate Hewlett began playing the recurring character of Jeannie Miller on Stargate Atlantis, she’s had to deal with a lot. And we don’t just mean as the on-screen sister of Rodney McKay (not to mention the real-life sister of David Hewlett). Best known in her native Canada as a comedy actress, her visits to … Read more

SCI FI & MGM Greenlight 2 Hour Stargate Atlantis Film

New York, NY August 21, 2008 Building upon the successful Stargate franchise, SCI FI Channel today announced it has greenlit a two-hour movie based on the hit science fiction adventure series Stargate Atlantis. SCI FI will have the exclusive worldwide television premiere of the yet to be titled Stargate Atlantis film, which will then be … Read more

MGM Issues The Official Press Release For The Atlantis Season 4 Box Set

Los Angeles, CA – Explore the limits of an uncharted galaxy when “Stargate: Atlantis” Season Four plunges onto DVD July 8, 2008 from MGM Home Entertainment. Created from the legacy of “Stargate SG-1”, the longest-running, scripted, made-for television science fiction series in U.S. broadcasting history, “Stargate: Atlantis” recently received the 2008 People’s Choice Award for … Read more

Go Back Stage At The Vancouver Stargate Convention

Here is the rare chance to “go behind the curtain” and hang out backstage at The Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS CONVENTION coming to Vancouver, BC on April 3 to 6, 2008 at The Hilton Metrotown Vancouver.    As the best and most famous Stargate fan event of the year, this is an incredible opportunity for a … Read more

Season Five Begins Filming

Today is the first official day of production on the new season of the hit SCI FI Channel series — though the writers and much of the crew have been back at work doing pre-production for several weeks. Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, David Hewlett, and Jason Momoa return to their roles this year. Also joining … Read more

The Fall Guy

In Stargate Atlantis’ latest episode, three of the City’s personnel find themselves trapped in what seems to be an impossible situation. Stuck in a disintegrating mining facility, far from home and with no way of contacting help, Carter, McKay and Keller face their most demanding challenge yet. The episode was also demanding for the production … Read more

Close Up With Jodelle Ferland

At the age of just 13, Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland has already made a considerable mark in the world of film and television. She’s appeared in high-profile movies such as Silent Hill and Good Luck Chuck, and Terry Gilliam’s disturbingly surreal Tideland hung its entire premise on her ability to carry a film along distinctly … Read more

Behind The Scenes Of Harmony

It’s a well-known mantra in show-business – never work with children or animals. Both can be unpredictable, stubborn and unruly. But then, the Stargate Atlantis producers have never been sticklers for the rules, and why should they be when there is talent such as that of young Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland to be tapped? Ferland … Read more

The Right Direction – Part Two

“When I read the script for the first time, I got quite excited about the notion of having an Earth-based episode,” Mikita explains of ‘Miller’s Crossing’. “It’s refreshing to be on Earth. It just offers you some opportunities aesthetically. And of course, [there was] the added fun of having Kate Hewlett. ‘McKay and Mrs Miller’ … Read more

Close Up With Kate Hewlett

Viewers first saw Jeannie Miller – neé McKay – in season three episode ‘McKay and Mrs. Miller’, but the idea of the character has been around right since season one. Actor David Hewlett liked the idea of having his younger sister, also an actress, guest star on the show, and when an opportunity came along, … Read more