Jodelle Ferland Cast In 'Eclipse' But Will She Be Playing Bree?

Jodelle Ferland may be an unfamiliar name to the Stargate Franchise but fans will remember her, for he appearance in the episode Harmony from Stargate Atlantis’s fourth season. With production beginning in a matter of weeks on the third “Twilight” film “Eclipse”. Jodelle Ferland is to star as a 14-year-old will play a “vampire who … Read more

Joseph Mallozzi Looks Back On His Time With The Stargate Franchise

The multi talented Joseph Mallozzi has spent over 10 years working with and on the Stargate Franchise, during this time he has had the chance and opportunity to work with some of the most famous faces in national television to date. Joseph has taken time out of his busy producing schedule, on Stargate Universe and … Read more

Close Up With Jodelle Ferland

At the age of just 13, Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland has already made a considerable mark in the world of film and television. She’s appeared in high-profile movies such as Silent Hill and Good Luck Chuck, and Terry Gilliam’s disturbingly surreal Tideland hung its entire premise on her ability to carry a film along distinctly … Read more

Behind The Scenes Of Harmony

It’s a well-known mantra in show-business – never work with children or animals. Both can be unpredictable, stubborn and unruly. But then, the Stargate Atlantis producers have never been sticklers for the rules, and why should they be when there is talent such as that of young Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland to be tapped? Ferland … Read more

Production Notes: by Joe Mollozzi

Each month, we aim to bring you a round up of what’s been happening in the production offices of Stargate: Atlantis. Here, Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer and showrunner, gives us an update on the progress of season four. When it gets to this point in the season – once filming has wrapped – the producers … Read more