Stargate Universe Exec Joseph Mallozzi Plans 5 Year Arc

The executive producer of Stargate Universe has revealed that the show’s production team have planned out a five-year story arc. Joseph Mallozzi told GateWorld that “a number of arcs and elements” would be resolved at the conclusion of a potential fifth season. “The plan is [to] deliver the ending at the conclusion of season five,” … Read more

Former Stargate Production Team Members Devloping New Show Sherwood

Former members of the Stargate production team are prepping a brand new science fiction series for the SyFy Channel. Its been reported that Damian Kindler, Martin Wood, and Amanda Tapping are pencilling in Sherwood to their production rosters in 2010. The new series is set to re-imagine the popular story of Robin Hood which has … Read more

The Stargate Studios Have Not Been Abandoned

Joseph Mallozzi is a man to listen to when it comes to all things Stargate he has been a member of the production team for over 12 years, and is still working on the upcoming season two of Stargate Universe. He believes that many fan sites and reputable news sources are weighing in heavily on … Read more

Producer John G Lenic Delves Deeper Into the Stargate Universe

One of the longest running members of the Stargate production team from the entire franchise John G Lenic has taken time to answer a series of questions with the popular online media outfit Fused Film. You can read an excerpt of the interview below So Stargate Universe, I am such a fan of the series, … Read more

Stargate Universe Season 1 Episode Line-up Is Complete

The official line-up for the first season of Stargate Universe is now fully completed, all executive and consulting producers have finished with the decision / writing phase and an announcement regarding the last 4 episode titles is set to be revealed very shortly. In the mean time the currently announced episode titles are: Air Part … Read more

Behind the Scenes on the Production of Space

Consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi has recently taken a tour of the all new sets, and props for the up coming mid season two parter episode entitled space from the first season of Stargate Universe. During his set visit the following behind the scenes photos were taken of the production team hard at work on various … Read more

The Stargate Atlantis Movie Script and Line-up Are Complete

The first initial draft, outline and script for the first Atlantis movie has been completed, and is now with Brad Wright for final review before being drafted into final production quality. Eager fans can expect new story lines to be opened, some closed and finished with altogether and the odd loose end from all five … Read more

Christine Mooney Sadly Passes Away

Christine Mooney who has been an intricate part of the Stargate SG1 franchise since season 7 has sadly passed away late last week. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has posted a heartfelt eulogy in his latest blog entry. Whenever I’m asked what I enjoy most about working on the Stargate franchise, my answer is always the … Read more

Christopher McDonald Joins Stargate Universe Team

With the main cast of Stargate Universe being cast, the production team have managed to keep a secret under their hat regarding the actor or actress who would play Senator Armstrong. Today the official news has broken that Christopher McDonald a  Hollywood veteran  will be joining the Stargate Universe team as Senator Armstrong. Senator Armstrong … Read more