An Old Hero Returns In Enemy At The Gate

Major Davis first appeared in Stargate SG-1‘s second season episode ‘A Matter of Time’, and then became a recurring character over 15 episodes between seasons two and eight. Though based out of the Pentagon, as a liaison officer to the SGC, Davis would often arrive to work beside General Hammond throughout particularly difficult situations. “For … Read more

Atlantis Possible Movie Plot Lines Revealed

In his most recent entry to his personal web blog, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi talks about the possibilities for the up and coming Stargate Atlantis movie. When we were breaking Enemy at the Gate, we saw it as a very special episode, not because it would be our series finale (at the time, we were … Read more

The Stargate Archives Top 10 Favourite Atlantis Episodes

The Stargate Archive team are breaking down our favourite top 10 ever Atlantis episodes. Enemy At The Gate Be All My Sins Remembered The Return Part Two The Return Part One The Queen Tao Of Rodney Sunday Trinity Inferno Before I Sleep Add your views and opinions regarding our choices along with your own favourite … Read more

Watch The Last Ever Atlantis Teaser Trailer

With the final ever episode of Stargate Atlantis fast approaching, the latest teaser trailer is now available for Enemy at the Gate. This final ever episode of the hit Sci Fi show will leave fans feeling both saddened that the show has ended along with ending the show on a positive note. Watch the Enemy … Read more

Enemy At The Gate Spoiler Information Available Exclusively To The Stargate Archive

With the final ever episode of Stargate Atlantis fast approaching the Stargate Archive can exclusively bring to you the final spoiler information for this momentous occasion in the history of the Stargate Franchise. Stargate Atlantis will end its 5 year run on its 100th Episode with the episode entitled ‘Enemy At The Gate’, however all … Read more

Atlantis Ratings Tick Upwards Globally

Stargate Atlantis ratings have been slowly ticking upwards as the series comes ever closer to its final episode ‘Enemy At The Gate’ which is due to air globally in 2009. In the United States Of America Remnants pulled in an average household rating of 1.3 this is a fraction greater than The Prodigal which pulled … Read more

Joseph Mallozzi's Experience Of The Recent Protest

Executive producer of Stargate Atlantis Joseph Mallozzi recently posted about his personal experience of the recent protest outside of the Studios. Here is the post from his personal blog: Yesterday, The Bridge Studios was the scene of a massive fan protest. Well, massively spirited anyway. When I rolled in first thing Friday morning, there were … Read more

Joseph Mallozzi On The Cancellation Of Atlantis

One of the shows executive producers Joseph Mallozzi has made a post on his personal blog regarding the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis, featured below is the entire article for you all to read. Joseph Mallozzi’s Entry By now, I assume you’ve all heard the news. This will be Stargate Atlantis’s fifth and final season. I’m … Read more