Pre-Order Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD Volume's 1-5

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD volumes 1 to 5 are now available for pre-order. Each volume will contain 4 episodes from the  last season, along with extra features.    Here are the release dates (region 2) for each DVD volume: Volume 1: 11/05/2009 Volume 2: 25/05/2009 Volume 3: 08/06/2009 Volume 4: 22/06/2009 Volume 5: 06/07/2009 … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD Pre-Order

Stargate Atlanits Complete Season 5 DVD Boxset is now available for pre-order  via online retailer Play, with a preliminary  release date of 11th May 2009. Season 5 will be the last time we see  any  of the regular cast members  in an entire season of Atlantis,  but do not fear the team will be returning … Read more

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Robert Cooper, the writer and director of Stargate Atlantis‘ penultimate episode, ‘Vegas’, reveals the hard work that went into the show’s most ambitious location shoot yet! ‘Vegas’ is, obviously, a very different style of episode for Stargate Atlantis. Where did the idea come from? I threw out the idea of Sheppard being a homicide detective … Read more

Watch The Last Ever Atlantis Teaser Trailer

With the final ever episode of Stargate Atlantis fast approaching, the latest teaser trailer is now available for Enemy at the Gate. This final ever episode of the hit Sci Fi show will leave fans feeling both saddened that the show has ended along with ending the show on a positive note. Watch the Enemy … Read more

Robert Picardo Is Reluctant Chief

Robert Picardo, who joins the regular cast of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis in the coming fifth season, told SCI FI Wire that he initially had doubts about playing the new base commander. (Spoilers ahead!) “When I got the phone call, there was a little voice going, ‘Wait a minute,’” Picardo said in … Read more

'Stargate Atlantis' Dresses Up For Season Five

Warning: this story contains potential SPOILERS for Season Five of Stargate Atlantis. Members of the press were recently invited to an event at the studios in Canada where several costume changes were unveiled including a new enemy from the wraith camp. One of the new Wraith that is re-introduced in this season are the Wraith … Read more

Sci Fi Schedules July 11th Premiere For Stargate Atlantis Season Five

The television listing system over at the Sci Fi’s official website has announced that the season five premiere of Stargate Atlantis will makes its debut on July 11th at 10/9c. The season five premiere will begin with Search and Rescue and concludes the season four cliff hanger. This date is still however subject to change; … Read more

Season Five The Lost Tribe Casting Call

Spoiler TV has just posted an announcement for the Season Five episode The Lost Tribe. This episode is currently set to air as episode number 11 in the next season of Stargate Atlantis. Here is an excerpt of the casting call: Katana 20’s, Female, a very attractive, no-nonsense ship’s commander for the Travelers, a race … Read more