An Old Hero Returns In Enemy At The Gate

Major Davis first appeared in Stargate SG-1‘s second season episode ‘A Matter of Time’, and then became a recurring character over 15 episodes between seasons two and eight. Though based out of the Pentagon, as a liaison officer to the SGC, Davis would often arrive to work beside General Hammond throughout particularly difficult situations.

“For those Atlantis viewers out there that aren’t familiar with Stargate SG-1, basically, Major Davis runs the place,” jokes actor Colin Cunningham, who played the character throughout. “An ex-ace fighter pilot and master of hand to hand combat, Davis made an even bigger name for himself by being quite the ladies man…”

Until now, however, Davis’ last speaking appearance in the Stargate universe had actually been in the first part of Stargate SG-1‘s eighth season finale, ‘Moebius Pt 1’. After that, he had gone mysteriously silent – until actor Colin Cunningham was asked to reprise his role beside Amanda Tapping’s Colonel Carter in the Atlantis finale. He had, though, for eagle-eyed viewers, had a fleeting cameo in Stargate: Continuum.

“That was purely a Martin Wood and John Smith invite,” Cunningham says, going on to reveal, “The script was originally called, ‘Major Davis Saves The Universe’, but they couldn’t afford my fee for the full frontal nudity… So, they had to go with a non-Davis story line that was nowhere near as good. Still, I opted for the reduced rate of $10 million and did the cameo. Joking aside, I would say that I was simply grateful [to be asked back]. Those guys helped me out on my film, Centigrade, which is up for an Oscar nod, by the way. Yippee! So when they called, I was happy to help out.”

Then, however, Cunningham got the call asking whether he’d be willing to return to the SGC once again – this time for a role in Atlantis. And this time, he’d actually have to deliver a few lines… which was easier said than done after several years of not playing the character.

“That was pretty cool,” he says. “I simply got a call to come out and play – though I will say that I was incredibly nervous. I don’t know why, I honestly can’t say. But I was terrified. I couldn’t remember my lines, and I worked on them for days! It was a bit stressful.”

Despite the slightly tough nature of the experience, Cunningham says he’d love to see Major Davis return again, in any of the Stargate series, and that he’d always reprise the role if he was available when asked.

“In a heart beat,” he says. “That incredible show and the people that I have met there have been a blessing to me in ways I can barely compute. They have hired me, supported me and looked out for me. Michael Greenberg, John Smith, Andy Mikita, Martin Wood, Joe Mallozzi and of course anyone affiliated with that show have been all ace’s.

“I’m grateful,” he adds, simply.

News article courtesy of the official Stargate Website