Joseph Mallozzi's Experience Of The Recent Protest

Executive producer of Stargate Atlantis Joseph Mallozzi recently posted about his personal experience of the recent protest outside of the Studios.

Here is the post from his personal blog:

Yesterday, The Bridge Studios was the scene of a massive fan protest. Well, massively spirited anyway. When I rolled in first thing Friday morning, there were three hardy souls outside the gates. An hour later, that number had swelled to five, then eight, then ten, then back to eight (when it turned out that the two we’d counted from our office window were actually a reporter and cameraperson covering the event for SFU campus news), then back up to ten. The turn-out may have been small, but those who showed were very animated, waving signs and exhorting passing motorists to honk. Many did and I hope that most of them knew what, exactly, they were honking in support of, but I suspect that more than a few whizzed by wondering “Save sga? What a sga?”

A little before noon, Marty G. swung by my office. It was a late call and the truck was serving breakfast. He was going down to grab a breakfast sandwich and drop in on the fans. Was I interested in joining him? Was I! I grabbed my shades, my camera, and we headed down.

We walked through the gate and strolled up to the group of Atlantis loyalists. “Hey!”said one. “It’s Martin Gero and Joe Mallozzi.” Martin and I said hi and thanked them all for coming out to support the show.

“We want season six,”demanded one exuberant fan. I explained that, if Martin and I had had our way, we would certainly be doing a sixth season of Atlantis… “Please,”piped up the fan. “One more season.” I reiterated the fact that Martin and I always supported the production of a sixth season… “You can run it along the first season of Stargate Universe.” Yes. Again, I felt the need to emphasize we were not part of the decision-making process and –

“IT’S DAVID!”someone yelled. All eyes swung up the road to the approaching red car. My first thought was “How the heck do they know what kind of a car David drives?” Sure, enough, the car swung in and pulled up alongside the demonstrators. David H., all smiles, popped his head out the open window and greeted the fans. As they congregated around his car, Martin and I, all but forgotten, seized the opportunity go grab that breakfast sandwich.

Otherwise, a fairly quiet day. I watched some dailies (shoot-out, shirtless wraith, and ginormous explosion), approved some promos, and swung by set to say hi to Rob who was directing Bob, David, David, and Gary down in the command center on Stage 5. Alas, it looked to be a late night for Bob so we didn’t get around to doing our Q&A video segment but fear not. We’ll definitely get around to it next week.

And, among the other Stargate-related things to look forward to next week: Amanda Tapping, spinning the movie, completing production on Enemy at the Gate, Thursday’s final Vancouver wrap, and, of course, the 100th Episode/Series Wrap Party.