Stargate Atlantis Special Blu Ray Episodes Announced

The recent competition and viewer vote over at Stargate Hub has come to an end after several long months of intensive voting by Atlantis fans for their favourite episodes. The special Blu Ray HD disc set is due to be released on the 4th August with a retail price of $29.99 and will be available … Read more

Watch Stargate Atlantis Episodes Online For Free

You can now watch your favourite Stargate Atlantis episodes online completely free on the latest service from the home of Sci Fi channel ┬áin the United States of America Sci Fi Rewind. Right now there are only 10 episodes available for viewing online from Atlantis season 5, it is worth noting that this service is … Read more

The Stargate Archives Top 10 Favourite Atlantis Episodes

The Stargate Archive team are breaking down our favourite top 10 ever Atlantis episodes. Enemy At The Gate Be All My Sins Remembered The Return Part Two The Return Part One The Queen Tao Of Rodney Sunday Trinity Inferno Before I Sleep Add your views and opinions regarding our choices along with your own favourite … Read more

Fans To Pick Atlantis Episodes On Blu-Ray

In an unprecedented move, MGM has invited fan of Stargate Atlantis to vote for which episodes will be released on a special Blu-Ray promotion. Starting this Friday straight after the series finale of Atlantis and up until the 31st January fans can vote for their favourite episodes at In addition to selecting which episodes … Read more

Freedom Of Speech At Stargate Archive Forums

The Stargate Archive’s public forums are a free and open community discussion for all fans alike to converse and discuss their favourite episodes, characters, plot lines and much more. The Stargate Archive team would like to remind everyone that the team respects the rights and views of the individual and we do not pro-actively remove … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Finally Reaches iTunes For Canada

Stargate Atlantis has long been available on iTunes for fans in the United States of America, but now fans who live in Canada can finally being downloading their favourite episodes. All for seasons of the show are available for immediate download, complete with all new episodes of season five. Head on over to the online … Read more

Stargate Coming To Blu Ray

With the next generation high definition format war officially over, all major studious will be releasing their titles on Sony’s winner Blu Ray. Stargate DVD’s are schedule to be rolled off the production line soon and will be available for purchase, so if you ever wanted to watch your favourite episodes in full high definition … Read more

McGillion Thrilled To Be Part Of Star Trek Revamp

Paul McGillion laughs about the first time he told his parents he was going to star in a new TV show called Stargate Atlantis. Despite correcting them countless times, they thought he said Star Trek. A few years later, he now has both franchises on the resume. The rugged Scottish-born actor was seriously considered for … Read more

Fans Forced Actors Return

Considering he’s also Scottish, McGillion thought the stars were aligned for the part. But he wasn’t crushed when Pegg got the call (Pegg also had a small role in Abrams’ “Mission Impossible 3”). “I can’t say enough good things about what a terrific guy (Abrams) is,” he said. “He came up to me immediately and … Read more