Atlantis Possible Movie Plot Lines Revealed

In his most recent entry to his personal web blog, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi talks about the possibilities for the up and coming Stargate Atlantis movie.

When we were breaking Enemy at the Gate, we saw it as a very special episode, not because it would be our series finale (at the time, we were somewhat optimistic that we would get that sixth season pick-up), but because it was going to be our 100th episode. For that reason, it turned out to be a little different from past finales, less a cliffhanger and more of a coming full-circle that featured the star of the series: the city of Atlantis.

It was also intended to be the launching point for a very interesting early season 6 scenarios:

With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla?

Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology? Well, I guess you’ll never know the answer to these questions…

What should of been the opening parter to the sixth season of Stargate Atlantis, will now be the basis for the first Atlantis movie in which a few loose ends will be tied up. The movie will allow for us to tell our story on a much bigger, visual effects-laden, character centred canvas.

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