Continuum Made Character Suffer

The upcoming straight-to-DVD movie Stargate: Continuum, based on SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate SG-1, gave producers a chance to wreak havoc on a main character to serve the exigencies of the film’s location shooting. (Major spoilers ahead!) Writer and executive producer Brad Wright told SCI FI Wire that the script called for Daniel Jackson … Read more

Rachel Luttrell On Being A Mum & More

Rachel Luttrell, who plays Teyla in SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis, told SCI FI Wire that she’s a new mother in real life, as is her character in the coming fifth season, and that presents its own challenges. Speaking in an interview on the show’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last week, Luttrell said, … Read more

Robert Picardo Is Reluctant Chief

Robert Picardo, who joins the regular cast of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis in the coming fifth season, told SCI FI Wire that he initially had doubts about playing the new base commander. (Spoilers ahead!) “When I got the phone call, there was a little voice going, ‘Wait a minute,’” Picardo said in … Read more

'Stargate Atlantis' Dresses Up For Season Five

Warning: this story contains potential SPOILERS for Season Five of Stargate Atlantis. Members of the press were recently invited to an event at the studios in Canada where several costume changes were unveiled including a new enemy from the wraith camp. One of the new Wraith that is re-introduced in this season are the Wraith … Read more

Season Five To Focus On The Wraith

The upcoming fifth season of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis will focus heavily on the Wraith–with a side trip to Las Vegas to commemorate the show’s 100th episode, producers told SCI FI Wire during a visit to the show’s sets in Vancouver, Canada, on May 16. (Spoilers ahead!) Other key developments: Teyla (Rachel … Read more

Atlantis Cast Changes Coming In Season Five

The upcoming fifth season of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis will see the addition of a new regular cast member, the promotion of another and the departure of yet another, producers told SCI FI Wire on May 16 during a visit to the show’s Vancouver, Canada, production offices. One of the biggest changes … Read more

Season Five The Lost Tribe Casting Call

Spoiler TV has just posted an announcement for the Season Five episode The Lost Tribe. This episode is currently set to air as episode number 11 in the next season of Stargate Atlantis. Here is an excerpt of the casting call: Katana 20’s, Female, a very attractive, no-nonsense ship’s commander for the Travelers, a race … Read more

Season Five Episode Titles So Far

Season Five is progressing nicely in time for a July 11th premiere in the United States. So far the following episode titles have been revealed Search And Rescue The Seed The Deadalus Variations Ghost In The Machine The Shrine Whispers Tracker The Queen First Contact The Lost Tribe Inquisition Outsiders Progigal Un-announced Un-announced Remnants Un-announced … Read more Interviews David Hewlett

Mark Wilson has published a lengthy interview with Stargate Atlantis star David Hewlett in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of Hewlett discusses several aspects about his role as the “absolute arrogant jerk” Dr. Rodney McKay. Did you ever wonder whether fans would “get” Rodney — that they would get past Rodney’s difficulty to see his complexity … Read more

Executive Producer Joseph Mollozzi, Speaks Out On Season Five

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, speaks out on cast changes, plots, potential spoilers and more. Woolsey assumes command of the Atlantis expedition! I’ve always admired Robert Picardo’s work in shows like China Beach and Star Trek: Voyager and we had been looking to cast him for a long time. Finally, the opportunity presented itself in SG-1’s … Read more