'Stargate Atlantis' Dresses Up For Season Five

Warning: this story contains potential SPOILERS for Season Five of Stargate Atlantis.

Members of the press were recently invited to an event at the studios in Canada where several costume changes were unveiled including a new enemy from the wraith camp.
One of the new Wraith that is re-introduced in this season are the Wraith Hunters. They have previously been established hunting Ronon Dex when his character was introduced in season two. This new look is intended to make the Wraith seem more menacing than your run of the mill standard Wraith warrior, or queen.

Wraith hunters implant a tracking device that allows the so called ‘Wraith Hunters’ to track them throughout the Galaxy from planet to planet.

Ronon Dex is also undergoing a makeover this season. Within the first few episodes of the new season, Ronon will undergo some key changes to his character which are the result of him being captured by the Wraith.

“Jason really is very involved in his look,” Halverson said. “He really has great ideas and he has a real sense of his character. And because he is from another planet, we can go off the rails a bit with him.” Halverson explained that Momoa met with her to discuss changes to his costume at the end of Season Four and she created something based on that.

So as that script came I then pitched it to Brad Wright, the writer of the script. We talked about that and he was agreeable to it. By that time we’d already made it. I actually went ahead on my own because I felt strongly about it. [The producers] are wonderful. We have a great relationship and so if I go ahead with something I can usually sell it.”

Teyla Emmagan who is played by actress (Rachel Luttrell) will also be undergoing a transformation this season. Her new costumes will show her character in various lights, including a romantic one.

“One of the first scenes that we shot this year was Teyla having dinner with Sheppard in a dream sequence and so we made her a little evening dress,” said Halverson. “I won’t tell you how it works out.”

It has been reported that Teyla will also have a dark side this season in episode 8 entitled ‘The Queen’, further spoiler information is available regarding this episode from our Season Five episode guide.

Original News Article Courtesy Of Cinema Spy