Season Five To Focus On The Wraith

The upcoming fifth season of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate Atlantis will focus heavily on the Wraith–with a side trip to Las Vegas to commemorate the show’s 100th episode, producers told SCI FI Wire during a visit to the show’s sets in Vancouver, Canada, on May 16. (Spoilers ahead!)

Other key developments: Teyla (Rachel Luttrell) will have her baby in the fifth season. The character became pregnant last season to accommodate Luttrell’s real-life pregnancy. Luttrell has given birth, so her character can follow suit. The baby is delivered on camera by Dr. McKay (David Hewlett). (Inside word is it’s a boy!)

Teyla also sees her abilities get out of hand in an episode in which she touches the mind of a Wraith Queen, which activates her Wraith DNA. According to Luttrell, Teyla “embodies” the Wraith Queen–the actress will appear in full Wraith makeup–and becomes “the leader of an alliance of Wraith.”

Also look for the return of the Wraith-worshipping Satedan Tyre (Mark Dacascos) in an episode in which he captures Ronon (Jason Momoa) and attempts to sacrifice him to the Wraith. Ronon is given so much Wraith enzyme in the episode that he gives in completely to his dark side and apparently does some serious damage to Sheppard (Joe Flanigan).

Momoa said that he got so deep into his character’s rage in the episode that he actually broke a gurney he was strapped to. Momoa called the episode the most fun he’s ever had as an actor. (Contrary to previous speculation, however, Momoa does not lose his trademark dreadlocks in the episode.)

Even Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite) and Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) have close encounters with Wraiths in the coming season, the actors confirmed. Staite said that her character will be trapped with a Wraith in one episode. Picardo cited a moment when Woolsey is about to be killed by a Wraith, as an example of his character’s emerging courage.

Not everything is about the Wraith though. Flanigan said it’s his understanding that filming for the show’s upcoming 100th episode will take place in Las Vegas. Though Flanigan claimed to have no more details than that, he surmised that this would probably mean the episode will have to do with the replicators.

Six episodes of Stargate Atlantis‘ new season are complete, and filming of new episodes continues. The fifth season kicks off in July.

News Article Courtesy Of Sci Fi Wire