Stargate Universe Exec Joseph Mallozzi Plans 5 Year Arc

The executive producer of Stargate Universe has revealed that the show’s production team have planned out a five-year story arc.

Joseph Mallozzi told GateWorld that “a number of arcs and elements” would be resolved at the conclusion of a potential fifth season.

“The plan is [to] deliver the ending at the conclusion of season five,” he confirmed. “Ideally, we’d get five years to tell the entire story in satisfactory fashion but, if it came down to it, we could [also] pay it off over the course of a single season.”

However, Mallozzi admitted that the sci-fi drama’s low overnight ratings could provide an obstacle to any long-term plans.

“I think our audience is there but simply growing more diffuse,” he suggested. “It would be terrific if the television industry found a way to catch up with the modern media’s technological advancements [and] find a way to make sure everyone is counted in those ratings, but barring a major miracle, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

He concluded: “The only alternative to ensuring a third season is to bring more viewers to [our show on] Tuesday nights.”

Network Syfy is expected to announce its decision regarding a third season in December or January.

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