The Stargate Atlantis Movie Script and Line-up Are Complete

The first initial draft, outline and script for the first Atlantis movie has been completed, and is now with Brad Wright for final review before being drafted into final production quality.

Eager fans can expect new story lines to be opened, some closed and finished with altogether and the odd loose end from all five seasons to be wrapped completely, along with the opening of interesting new twists and teasers for future exploration.

As long as the fans support the first Atlantis movie the production team are already planning a second, which will delve deeper into the promised new twists and teasers.

All of the main season regulars will be featured in the first Atlantis movie with confirmed appearances from: Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Keller, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, Chuck, Banks, and Todd – in addition to a couple of surprise guest stars.

Production on the first Stargate Atlantis movie is still slated for a fall production with an initial release in the first quarter of 2010.

4 thoughts on “The Stargate Atlantis Movie Script and Line-up Are Complete”

  1. Sounds like good news to me! It is the first I have heard of the prospect of a second Atlantis movie. Come on fans – support Atlantis! Don’t watch any illegal copies when the first is made, get out and buy it so we can see a second!!!!!

  2. At last!

    I was beginning to think it wasnt going to happen!

    It was a travesty that they cancelled a successful, award winning series but at least we are going to have the movies.

    Let us fans make sure there will be more than 1!

  3. what fantastic giddy from excitment.i will defintely buy it when it comes out on dvd and any others they make.didn,t see atlantis the first time it was sky but watched it the next time and now have all four seasons and have pre-ordered five.the old team back together brillant.

  4. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be coming back to your posts.

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