Stargate Universe Season 1 Episode Line-up Is Complete

The official line-up for the first season of Stargate Universe is now fully completed, all executive and consulting producers have finished with the decision / writing phase and an announcement regarding the last 4 episode titles is set to be revealed very shortly.

In the mean time the currently announced episode titles are:

  1. Air Part 1
  2. Air Part 2
  3. Air Part 3
  4. Darkness
  5. Light
  6. Water
  7. Earth
  8. Time
  9. Life
  10. Justice
  11. Space
  12. Divided
  13. Faith
  14. Lucid
  15. Lost
  16. Sabotage

Hopefully now that the production team are officialy on summer hiatus further developments will start to take place regarding Stargate Extinction, and currently untitled third Stargate SG1 Movie