Lou Diamond Phillips And Ming-Na Dont Spill The Beans

For two veteran actors like Lou Diamond Phillips and Ming-Na Wen, being on the cast of Stargate Universe is an opportunity to flex their skills by tackling mind and body swaps, being brainwashed, exploring their sexuality, being tossed into gun fights, coping with disabilities, and of course being neck deep in good old human drama. … Read more

Louis Ferreira And Brian J Smith Spill The Beans On Universe’s Return

Its official Stargate Universe has returned with the press having already received access to ‘Space’ and ‘Divided’, many online media outlets have had access to the stars of the show to sit them down and ask numerous questions on the return of Stargate Universe. Brian J Smith and Louis Ferreira give the low down on … Read more

Stargate Universe Writing Department Criticised For Unfair Treatment

Only weeks after the successful global launch of Stargate Universe many critics are beginning to wonder what exactly is going on with the writing department, and their treatment of the many female characters of the show. Actress Julia Benson has already responded to several of the fan criticisms as well as Joseph Mallozzi one of … Read more

Stargate Motorized Pyramid Is A PC Case From Another World

A user by the name of Gup over at the TechPowerup forums has designed and bulit from scratch one of the most impressive Stargate case mods to hit the global online fandom in recent years. The case is modeled after a Goa’uld Ha’tak starship from the Stargate SG1 franchise and features a motorized, lifting upper … Read more

Close Up With Jewel Staite

Having been introduced as Atlantis‘ new chief of medicine in season four, Doctor Jennifer Keller quickly established herself as an essential member of the crew – so much so that for season five, she returns as a regular. The addition continues Stargate‘s tradition of adopting cast members from other respected science fiction franchises, since the … Read more

Amanda Tapping Interview: Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Sanctuary

In a recent interview with Den of Geek, Amanda Tapping discusses Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and her up and coming new project Sanctuary. Here is an excerpt of the interview. More than a decade on a science fiction show is a remarkable feat, even more so that the character has been carried onto a second … Read more