Stargate Motorized Pyramid Is A PC Case From Another World

A user by the name of Gup over at the TechPowerup forums has designed and bulit from scratch one of the most impressive Stargate case mods to hit the global online fandom in recent years. The case is modeled after a Goa’uld Ha’tak starship from the Stargate SG1 franchise and features a motorized, lifting upper … Read more

Joseph Mallozzi Talks Universe

Executive producer and long time runner from the Stargate Franchise and Editorial Director of PYR have recently joined together to be interviewed by Adventures in Sci Fi. During the interview the two fore front leaders in the Sci Fi world covered a wide variety of topics which included: adaptations, the sophistication of new TV shows, … Read more

Close Up With Bill Byre

Bill Nye, better known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is in no way bothered by the fantastical elements of science fiction. So when he was asked to guest star on the Stargate Atlantis episode ‘Brain Storm’, he jumped at the opportunity. “Many of us [scientists] you will find were inspired by science fiction,” said … Read more

Characters Find Their Place In 'Stargate Continuum'

In a recent article at Sci Fi Wire, Brad Wright, writer and executive producer of Stargate Continuum provides the low down on how Continuum will allow for greater character development far beyond what any SG1 episode could ever hope to achieve. Here is an excerpt of the full article. Brad Wright, writer and executive producer … Read more

Behind The Scenes: The Kindred, Part 1

‘The Kindred’ is an epic adventure for the Atlantis crew, picking up on the story of Teyla’s lost people, her unborn baby and another of the team’s arch-enemies, Michael. It’s an episode that sees much of its action take place away from the City in a range of new places. For the first episode in … Read more