Louis Ferreira And Brian J Smith Spill The Beans On Universe’s Return

Its official Stargate Universe has returned with the press having already received access to ‘Space’ and ‘Divided’, many online media outlets have had access to the stars of the show to sit them down and ask numerous questions on the return of Stargate Universe. Brian J Smith and Louis Ferreira give the low down on … Read more

Stargate Universe Ratings Sink To Record Season Low

Stargate Universe has sank to its lowest ever ratings record in the United States of America, following a two week gap between Life and Justice. The mid-season finale episode Justice pulled in a rather dismal 1.340 million viewers on December 4th 2009, whilst this is still a pretty impressive ratings record it does appear to … Read more

Another Stargate Universe Episode Title Revealed

The 19th episode slot for the first season of Stargate Universe has officially been entitled Subversion. As of today there are only three episode titles yet to be revealed these are episode 17, 18, and the season finale episode. You can keep up to date on the entire Stargate Universe episode schedule, exclusive teaser trailers … Read more