Louis Ferreira And Brian J Smith Spill The Beans On Universe’s Return

Its official Stargate Universe has returned with the press having already received access to ‘Space’ and ‘Divided’, many online media outlets have had access to the stars of the show to sit them down and ask numerous questions on the return of Stargate Universe.

Brian J Smith and Louis Ferreira give the low down on the return of Stargate Universe, that vital mid-season finale episode, and what we can expect to happen between the civilian and military crew members.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below

MediaBlvd> I wanted to ask a follow up to a question that we asked both of you on set back in October, before the show aired, about the fandom of Stargate.   Now we are halfway through the first season.   What has that experience been like now that we’ve seen some of the show and we’ve seen the fans embracing you?   What is that like?   How is it interacting with those fans?

Louis> You want to handle this, young Lt?

Brian> You go first!

Louis>    For me, it’s been two fold.   I think what we have recognized and noticed is that some of the fans are going to be a little discouraged because their version of the old Stargate is no longer the same.   We were aware that they wanted to try to do something different with the franchise, and I always say to those folks how lucky they are.   Many fans don’t get to have as much as fifteen years of a franchise on air.   That is the case that there are fifteen years of that franchise already on.   For them to say to me, “We want to try something different!”, for me initially was “Wow, that’s fairly bold considering you’ve got in a built in audience and success.”   To take that risk was something that made me feel personally that this was kind of neat, from that perspective.   To watch it unfold, and to watch Brad and Robert execute their plan has been really positive for all of us.   One of the things that we have really noticed is that we are keeping those fans, and for those we are grateful.   But we are also hopefully attracting people that might not have come to a sci fi type show in the past, and go, “Hey this is just a good drama set in space.”   So I think that was part of their intention as well.   It’s kind of nice to feel that as much as we are part of a franchise, we are on our own sort of unique, original show.   I think that says a lot for Brad and Robert trusting.   It was always their plan.   People will notice in the back 10, the growth of the show.   And it was always their plan to sort of establish things initially.   Ten episodes have just grown, and there seems to be that growth just happening from this moment on.   I think the old fans who might have said, “It’s not the same show,” might be surprised in fact with what’s coming.   I didn’t want to give anything away; hence, I was at a loss for words!  (Laughs) Over to you lieutenant!

Brian> You can’t really make everybody happy.   And now that I’ve gotten to know a lot of Stargate fans; you hear from people, and meeting people at conventions, you hear a lot of people saying that they were kind of disappointed in the lack of character development, especially in Atlantis.   I think that was something that we tried to address with the show this year, especially with the first 10 episodes, is to say, “Ok, this is still going to be a show that is going to have action, adventure, and sci fi elements in it.   But we’re going to take our time to really set up the chess board, and set up who these people are and what’s at stake for them in this situation.   We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people saying, “That’s great, that’s fantastic, now I know who these people are. I just want to see where we go next.   I want to see the gun to the head, and see the crisis situation.

Louis> And don’t forget the aliens!

Brian> Yes, like Louis said, the aliens are coming.   Like Louis said, that was in the book from day one.   I think that people who have stuck with the show and who have spent the time to get to know the characters are going to experience a very big payoff on Friday night.

Louis> And these aren’t just regular aliens, we are talking CGI, District 9 type aliens.

Brian> It isn’t just some guy in a costume.

Louis> Yeah, some guy in a goofy head going oh God, why did I take this gig, it’s so hot in here.

MediaBlvd> I think most of us on the call have seen the first two episodes, so we know what you are talking about there, so we won’t ruin it for everybody.   Louis, I have to ask you a question, I think somebody on the set in October compared you to the father of all of these kids, and I think we are seeing where that is coming from.   I’ve just got to ask, don’t you ever want to just take Ming-Na over your lap and spank her butt?   Her character I mean?

Louis> Oh my God, did you just say that for real?   (Laughs)

MediaBlvd> I did, but I’m talking about the characters.

Louis> I would like for you to phrase the question, as you did, in print, and then have my reactions be, “Oh my God, did you just say that?”   I think there is enough said there.

SyFy Moderator>   That’s not an appropriate question, and we’ll just move on to the next one, thank you! [Question is cut off by moderator, and the next reporter is brought into the call]

Louis> We have a mediator, or a moderator working!

Editor’s Note:   Before the question was cut off, this was intended to be a comical lead in to a question about whether Ferrier thought there was the possibility of an Emmy nomination for the performances that he and Ming-Na turn in for the upcoming two episodes for the things she does to him, how he responds, and how she reacts to that response. (see note at top)

MediaBlvd>   Thanks, I’ll try not to get cut off again here, and will stay away from the provocative questions.   How hard is it being so much out of sync when you are giving interviews like this?   You guys already know what happens in the next 10, and you are already into season two, and here you are talking about stuff that you did a long time ago and where the show is for viewers.   Is that kind of disconcerting, or hard?

Louis> You know, I appreciate the consideration of your question.   It’s one of those things that is really true.   People do a film, and then 14 months later are going out and start promoting the thing.   I wonder all the time, that’s one of those things, if you’ve moved on and that’s part of the process, you are really sort of going back and giving these pat, generic answers.   Then you don’t want to do that because you want to have a little bit more insight.   Ultimately, it’s what you believe in, but there is a part of you going, a part of that is just gone.   So I do appreciate the question.   For me, it’s difficult, but at the same time, I assume it would be a lot more difficult if we were in season 4 and having to talk about season 1 or something.   I think we, just having started season 2, are fairly familiar with this circumstance.   But I think that your question, overall, under different circumstances, I could see that it would be fairly jarring.

Brian> Yeah, and it’s kind of been bizarre all the way through.   We were already filming the second half of the season when the first half started to air.   People were saying, “Where’s the action, where’s this, where’s that?”   We’re like, “My God, we’re on set today shooting “Space”, and this is going to be enough action to fill five of most shows on television.   We’ve got this whole big picture of where we’ve been and where we are at now, and the world is now like five months in the past, in the show.   So yeah, it’s a little bit disconcerting.

MediaBlvd>   As a follow up, one of the things I wanted to ask about with the hiatus, or the first half of the season ending on that cliffhanger, with Rush off the ship, and that is going to be resolved fairly quickly.   As sci fi fans, or fans of the show, I think a lot of people are going to bitch that this was a too pat answer, or an easy way to work it out.   How do you feel about that?   Was this a good way for the writers to work it out, or do you think they painted themselves into a corner and just had to resolve it somehow quickly?

Brian> I actually completely disagree.   I haven’t heard, of the people who have not seen the episodes; I haven’t heard of a single person coming close to predicting how Rush gets back on the ship.   Look, he’s Robert Carlyle, and you know we are going to have him back on.   You know what I mean?   People aren’t dumb, and they know he is going to be back.   And I think if it wasn’t done in the exciting way that it is, and what I think is a really smart way; a way that I didn’t see coming, or that anyone on the internet has come close to predicting; I think it works great.   I mean, Jesus, there are always going to be people that are going to complain and kvetch, so let them.

Interview courtesy of MediaBlvd

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