Stargate Worlds Details Emerge

WarCry has published an interesting preview of one of the more elusive MMOs currently in development: Cheyenne Mountain’s Stargate Worlds. Here is an excerpt of the article. Innovation is always a risk, but Arizona-based Cheyenne Mountain believes that when they enter the MMO market with their debut title Stargate Worlds, they can give people a … Read more

Beau Bridges Talks About The Ark Of Truth

Mark Wilson has published a lengthy interview with Stargate  SG1 star Beau Bridges in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of  Beau discusses several aspects about his role as the “commander of the SGC” General Landry. It seems like Ark of Truth is a second series finale for Stargate SG-1 — the finale they were on their … Read more

Christopher Judge In 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth'

When SCI FI Channel cancelled Stargate: SG-1, MGM quickly greenlit two direct to DVD movies which would continue the storyline.   The first of these, The Ark of Truth, out today, completes the series by wrapping up the Ori storyline.   Actor Christopher Judge, who plays the alien Teal’c recently set down for an exclusive … Read more

Go Back Stage At The Vancouver Stargate Convention

Here is the rare chance to “go behind the curtain” and hang out backstage at The Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS CONVENTION coming to Vancouver, BC on April 3 to 6, 2008 at The Hilton Metrotown Vancouver.    As the best and most famous Stargate fan event of the year, this is an incredible opportunity for a … Read more