Stargate Universe Premiere Dates Confirmed

With the fall premiere of Stargate Universe edging ever closer fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the show in their respective countries? Canadian fans will be able to watch the new show on exactly the same date as the United States of America on the space channel at 9pm. Fans from … Read more

Michael Shanks Lands Lead Role In New Movie

Stargate hero and heart throb Michael Shanks has landed the lead role in the Sci-Fi thriller film ‘Arctic Blast’. Presently little information is currently known about this new Sci-Fi thriller, however we can reveal the following information: Arctic Blast will be released in cinemas nationally and distributed internationally by US-company Imagination Worldwide. It is a … Read more

Michael Shanks To Guest At Hub Convention In Melbourne

Michael Shanks will be making a guest appearance at the 2009 Hub convention in Melbourne Australia on the 13th September 2009. Hub Productions have posted an official announcement on their website, We are delighted to announce a very special appearance of Stargate’s Michael Shanks for The Hub Productions. Michael, who will be filming a feature … Read more

Ben Browder Interview

Stargate SG1 actor Ben Browder has recently been interviewed by Cinemaspy. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Question: What was it like trying to integrate into the Stargate SG-1 clique? Ben Browder: It was surprisingly easy. I was, I wouldn’t say concerned, but it is something you are aware of, when you come onto … Read more

Stargate Fans Unite & Air Their Anger Outside Studios

Refusing to take no for an answer, fans of the cancelled B.C.-shot television series Stargate Atlantis will pick up placards today to protest the show’s demise. The rally, to be staged at Burnaby’s Bridge Studios — where the series is finishing its fifth season — is expected to draw at least two dozen protesters, including … Read more

Jason Momoa Interviewed By Cinemaspy

Jason Momoa has recently been interviewed by Cinemaspy. Featured below is an excerpt of the interview: Like Ronon Dex, the character he plays on Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa is tall, muscular, and imposing. Unlike the stoic Ronon, however, Momoa is loud, boisterous, and larger than life. He’s the kind of actor that makes sure people … Read more

Continuum Global Release Dates

Stargate Continuum is already proving to be a huge hit in the United States of America and has landed itself in the number 4 slot in it first week of release. However the direct to DVD release is not currently available globally, here is a complete list and updates to our previous announcement several weeks … Read more

Christopher Judge Cuts Loose

In a recent interview with Sci Fi Television is Australia Christopher Judge who many Stargate fans will know as Teal’c cut loose on his new writing projects, the new Stargate films and more. Here is an excerpt of the interview. You’re renowned for not quite being the macho man portrayed on screen. Tell us all … Read more

Global Stargate Continuum Release Dates

With the official launch date of Stargate Continuum fast approaching in the United States of America, further information is beginning to be released for global DVD & Blu-Ray  release dates. July 29, 2008: North America August 6, 2008: Australia August 18, 2008: UK September 10, 2008: France Pre order your copy from the Online Store

Beau Bridges Interview

In a recent interview with Sci-Fi Tv in Australia Amanda Tapping discusses her plans for the future, and how she plans to juggle Sanctuary and Stargate. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Hello Beau Bridges! It’s a pleasure! Hello Sci Fi Pi! It’s great to hear that accent of yours, it makes me miss … Read more