Jason Momoa Interviewed By Cinemaspy

Jason Momoa has recently been interviewed by Cinemaspy. Featured below is an excerpt of the interview:

Like Ronon Dex, the character he plays on Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa is tall, muscular, and imposing. Unlike the stoic Ronon, however, Momoa is loud, boisterous, and larger than life. He’s the kind of actor that makes sure people know when he’s entered the room, and when he takes to the Daedalus set where interviews with press are being conducted, his voice booms through the hallways.

The day before we saw Momoa in his car, a ’50s-era pink Cadillac he purchased in Santa Barbara and drove to Vancouver in a winding road trio. “She’s called Lulu. Honolulu. Did a road trip, Keroac-style, me and a buddy. Got lost. And found Vancouver. Destination: Vancouver. Windy roads. No heater. We froze our asses off.”

CinemaSpy: Both [stunt coordinator] James Bamford and [costume designer] Val Halverson mentioned how involved you are in idea generation for your character. Talk about that.

Jason Momoa: I’m very involved because to me, my process starts with whatever sparks in my head, my imagination of what this character’s going to be. Then, when I get to set, when I first got here, it was so amazing what these women did with my wardrobe. But it starts for me with the wardrobe. Just like stepping into the character. Val, I would think, is annoyed by me because I’m constantly in there about wardrobe. That’s my passion; I’ve got to constantly be creative. There’s always an outlet there for me, whether I’m doing my art or writing or just having an idea. With that shop down there, they can make, distress, build anything, and Ronon is that guy. He’s always been on the run and he makes his clothes and he’s got these imperfections and it wears the scars of him running. He’s like, “I’ve bled in these. This is my home.” That’s what it is, his boots and his clothes. That’s what he’s carried. To me that was very important, wardrobe.

CinemaSpy: That also goes to the physicality of the character? The stunt work you do.

Jason Momoa: The stunt work was interesting because I knew the vision I wanted for the way he would look. But I didn’t know how to do any stunts when I came on. I didn’t do any stunts on any other shows. I didn’t fight. He [Bamford] called me up when I was in Australia and he was like, “Have you done any fights? Do you know karate? What kind of sports do you do?” And I was like, “I’ve been in fights and been beat up.” He had no idea what he was going to get. To me, doing the fight scenes is like dancing. It’s an aggressive, violent dance. Finding the way Ronon moves was basically it. I can’t emulate him [Bamford] but taking that and coming up with ideas about certain moves that Ronon does and his style of fighting we developed together. He’s an amazing coach because I didn’t know how to do anything. If there’s something I don’t like, some things that don’t flow right for me, we change it.

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