Amanda Tapping on The Ark Of Truth, Sanctuary And More

In a recent interview with Sci-Fi Tv in Australia Amanda Tapping discusses her plans for the future, and how she plans to juggle Sanctuary and Stargate. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Hello Amanda! It’s been quite a year for you! It has in-deedy-doody! The last thing we talked about when last we spoke … Read more

Global Ark Of Truth Release Schedules Updated

Stargate The Ark  Of Truth is already making huge waves in its first few weeks on sale, The  hot DVD list regularly features The Ark Of Truth at the number one spot. The Ark Of Truth DVD release dates have changed in some countries, primarily the United Kingdom who will see the film first … Read more

Ark Of Truth, Global DVD Release Schedule

More details are beging to leak regarding the official release dates globally for Stargate ‘The Ark Of Truth’. The following dates have been confirmed: Australia – April 9, 2008 Canada – March 11, 2008 France – April 23, 2008 Germany  – May 2, 2008 Netherlands – April 23, 2008 New Zealand – April 30, 2008 … Read more