Ben Browder Interview

Stargate SG1 actor Ben Browder has recently been interviewed by Cinemaspy.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Question: What was it like trying to integrate into the Stargate SG-1 clique?

Ben Browder: It was surprisingly easy. I was, I wouldn’t say concerned, but it is something you are aware of, when you come onto shows that have been going on for so long, that they have their ways of doing things. The first day that I worked I was working with Chris Judge [who plays Teal’c] and the odd thing is that Chris and I actually get on really well. We relate. We have a shorthand way of relating which clicked in rather quickly. Somehow we get one another. We’re completely different kinds of personalities but we completely get one another. So my first day was with Chris and luckily he was doing most of the dialogue, which was switch for him, and it was just very easy. It was very, very, easy and it was always sweet. Mike [Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson] and I think the same way about the work. Mike is one of the hardest working actors I know. Ten years on a show and he’s still marking up his scripts like the first day on a job. Tremendous dedication to what he does. So it was easy actually. And as far as the crew goes, the experience of coming back up here after not having been here for a while, I feel really bad not being here because they’re so damn nice to me. And they seem to be genuinely happy that I’m here. I’m not sure. They could be shining me on. They me be that way to everybody.

CinemaSpy: You said not having been here for a while. When were you here before?

Ben Browder:
Well I haven’t been at Bridge since last year. It’s been 11 months since I’ve been here and obviously a lot of the crew is working on Atlantis. All the folks that are behind[-the-scenes], the directors — the Andy Mikitas of the world and Will Warings — are over there shooting on the stage today and I come in and it’s just a very comfortable place for me, which is surprising really because I did come in late in the day.

CinemaSpy:   When you were filming the series on a regular basis, how did you find the traveling between here and LA?

Ben Browder: That was a pain in the ass. That was a bitch because my family is in Los Angeles and I have growing kids that get bigger and bigger by the second. And I’m not going to spend time away from my wife and my kids for extended periods of time. And again, we had just basically a year or two before come back from Australia, moving countries again when the kids are finally getting settled in school. We’ve bounced back and forth…Farscape, because it was canceled, and we went back, and then moving the family again was not an option. So I was commuting home on the weekends. And it was tiring. It’s not that big of a deal, but how many times do you need to go through customs and declare what’s in your bag? Luckily were in the same time zone. Flying is not that bad Vancouver to LA. It’s actually pretty reasonable. It’s like two and a half, three hours. That’s not a bad flight. But when you factor in getting to the airport in Vancouver, getting home from the airport in LA, you’ve just gotten worse. Going through customs. Going through all the process that goes into airline travel these days. Going through your fifth metal detector of the day. [laughs] It’s like, “I don’t have any metal, I promise you. It’s the same thing as last week.” You get on a first name basis. You actually start to know the guys at passport control.

Does that help?

Ben Browder: No. They still take the time that they need to take, and ask the questions that they need to ask. And we say, “How are you doing? How are the kids? See you next week.” And, the odd thing was — you know they have those passes where you get the retinal scan and you can zip through it — because I had not been resident in the States because I was in Australia for three years, I couldn’t get one. [laughs] So I was, “Oh My God. I guess I can’t jump the queue.”   I’m at the back with the rest of the punters, which is fair enough. It’s just that when you do it every week…

You can read the full interview here